Wednesday, May 31, 2017

My NightTime Routine When Pet Sitting

If you have been reading my blog from the beginning you will know that on occasion I pet sit. I love the furry animals that I watch and, thought you'd all like to know my usually standard routine for night time because why not... Around 5-6 p.m. most animals get fed and, if they are dogs they get walked after After that I will start to cook my dinner. Which is usually some delicious veggie dish!  
 (Recipe will be in my next post) After dinner I usually go straight back into working on my blog posts and, spend time playing catch etc.. with the animals I will plan my next day and, fit in some kind of workout in-between Drink a tea and, have a snack or dessert it depends on the mood I'm in Shower and get ready for bed Using this awesome new brush to clean my face!  I'll do a review after using it for a month and let you know how well it work so far I am loving it! When I get into bed I do some more work before popping on a T.V. show or movie and finally falling asleep Let me know if you guys liked this because normally I would vlog this and, not write it so, I am testing this out...
 Have an enlightening and, adventurous day,

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