Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Meat Alternatives For Transitioning Into Veganism

Hello Loves! I recently answered a question about what to substitute when it comes to meat as a person transitioning into being vegan. Not too long ago I was wondering the same thing and, three and a half years later I think I have down what is the best substitute! Now I normally eat whole foods but, on occasion I like a little vegan "junk" food or, those substitutes for meat.
Here Is My Vegan Story If You All Want To Take A Peek:

 Here are four common foods that meat eaters are always asking vegans what vegan substitutes to eat.
  1. Pizza- I usually make my own Pizza but, if you want a fast why to make pizza Diaya has a lot of options

 2. People Enjoy There Hot Dogs This Is The Closest Version I Have Tried So Far

3. Teriyaki Oh my this substitute actually fooled a few non-vegans so, it's pretty realistic and it's super tasty!

   4. This is literally the number one substitute that people ask for!  
 Have an enlightening and, adventurous day,

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