Sunday, December 25, 2016

Emma Watson Changing Female Image

Ciao Tutti,
I just watched a PopSugar one minute clip on Emma Watson's recreation of Belle and, it is fantastic. If you all remember when Cinderella came out it gave a very unhealthy image of this Disney princess with the controversial corset that was worn. In the 1820-30's lacing began with corsets to maintain an unrealistic hourglass figure; this is actually shown in the Pirate's Of The Caribbean when Ms.Swan falls off the balcony unable to breath and, Sparrow jumps in and, rips it off of her. The corset basically pushes all of the organs together and, was so tight that the lady's would frequently pass out.  However fashionable they believed this corset to be, they should have been alarmed at the first sign of lady's passing out. With tuberculosis and, pneumonia floating around they women were subject to double the trouble when they wore the corsets because, they were already restricting the lungs, therefore, it would make it almost impossible to breath if they had one of these common illnesses. Just like bras are becoming an issue because the breast are supported and, the muscle becomes reliant on the bra. The tight lacing did the same, only, worse causing the back muscles to rely on the corset for support. Doctor Ludovic O'Followell was to thank for the first X-Ray and, he did a study on women wearing corsets and, how it effected them. Needless to say, he was not about the corset. thankfully women came to their senses in the 1920's and, decided to ditch the corset for an opposite and, rebellious approach the flapper dress. It is alarming that women are still using corsets today better known as, waist trimmers made famous by Kim Kardashion. In case women haven't realized, the waist trimmer may help get your body to a certain shape but, it is not help your lungs or, organs. Emma Watson being the support of females and, understanding the need for image change really took a stand when she gave Belle a new corset-less image. The new Belle will be a great role model for little girls as well as, women to help them embrace their own bodies and, realize how unhealthy the Disney Princess image is. Emma Watson has given Belle a new background as well, as a inventor like her father. I feel Disney had a mention in their original movie that Belle was moving in the direction of becoming an inventor however, they did not focus upon therefore, making the image of Belle just like the other princesses instead of, the strong, independent and, intelligent women she was. Emma Watson also, mentions that Belle is an active princess which, they never have focused on how important it would be for the princess to be playing outside and, getting in physical activity. We should always be giving women and, girls a healthy image and, encourage them to find out what they enjoy doing. Whether it is chemistry, animal science, playing sports, art, music; it is important to explore and, test out everything possible. We should also, be encouraging women and, children to be as active as possible. Eating healthy, playing/exercise is important and, needed for our bodies lymphatic system as well as, mental health. Emma Watson is doing an amazing job and, I would love to see her continue to grow and, create a new image of women.
Have an enlightening and adventurous day,