Thursday, December 22, 2016

YouTube Star Kicked Off Delta Flight

Ciao Tutti,

Before speaking about this, Adam is known for his pranks and, no one is sure if this was a prank gone wrong or what. There are a few sides to the story I explained his at the bottom and, if it was not a prank, I wrote below what I think. If it was a prank it went very wrong and, was not funny. Either way, there is still a lot of hate, discrimination etc. so, I feel that it should be addressed. Obviously I was not there but, if what the video captured was real it is sad reality that a lot of people face during there lifetime. Is this the boy that cried wolf one too many times or simply a prank? It is hard to tell and, even harder to comment on without being there but, I did as if Adam was being truthful about the situation. 

Alarming news that Adam Saleh was kicked off Delta Flight for speaking Arabic. I could not believe the video when he was being escorted off the plane. I did not know that it has now become illegal to speak a different language when on board a flight, did I miss the memo? Still in 2016 there is discrimination and, racism continuing to escalate. In the video Adam says, " we spoke a different language on the plane and, now we are getting kicked out." Adam mentions on CBSN that the Delta staff said, "this is not the first time this has happened." As you see in the video above there are about 20 hostile "white Americans" that start yelling at Adam. Adam said, the lady that was sitting next to him told him "he needed to speak English because she felt uncomfortable." I do not know if you all know this or not but, there is no language that the United States claims. Yes, for the most part English is the language spoken but, there are many languages that are spoken and, no claim to actually being made to speak English. So, that lady's comment does not stand she is obviously in the wrong but, if she wants to know what everyone is speaking learn all the languages and, then she will know. If the roles were reversed and, any of the 20 people were speaking English on a plane in France, Italy etc.. are those people going to kick them off because they are speaking English, no in fact they are not. So, what gave Delta the right to kick off Adam and, his friend? This is a lot like sitting on different parts of the bus because of skin color... People are scared because of ISIS but, this is literally 9/11 repeating itself and, we should all know better. Not all people who speak Arabic are part of ISIS and, not all people who practice the Muslim faith were part of the 9/11 attack. I do not know if history will ever teach those who are racist, discriminatory etc. that we are all humans and, have a right to be treated as such. Learn from history and, do not let hate or ignorance cloud your judgement.  
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