Monday, November 21, 2016

Bear and Birch Spa Day

Welcome To Our Bear and Birch Spa Experience 

We were greeted by a nice women who gave us this awesome bracelet that are waterproof. They open your locker and, keep your tab. I mean, how awesome is it that you don't have to carry around a wade of cash with you. You pay at the end and tally everything up. We paid $25 to get which included the Russian Sauna, American Sauna, Steam Room, Cold Plunge, Jacuzzi and, seats. There is water available for free around the spa so, don't worry about dehydrating. Ladies & Gents, it is B.Y.O.B so, bring your favorite liquor and, drink up. If you want to stay in the cleanse mindset there are plenty of juice options. We put all our clothes etc. in the locker room and, proceeded to the room where basically everything. We found a table set our stuff down and, headed into the steam room. Well, we are not all fans of being steamed in so, we shut off the steam which gave a nice lingering steam and were sweating so, it did it's job. Then we headed to the Russian steam room I lasted about 1 minute it was veyr, very hot and, we made the mistake of bringing our plastic cups in whoops... they started to melt. I quickly placed them outside and, went back in for probably 30 seconds. I could not handle the heat so, I got the heck out. Then, we hit up the American sauna which was pretty warm and, I may have been in there for five minutes. I can only be in places super warm for a few minutes, I can not take too much heat. After that, I took the cold plunge and, yes it was freezing but, it is great for your lymphatic system! We decided to chill out by the Jacuzzi and, order some food. We got hummus and, bread it was quite tasty.   

We saw this really cool tea pot next to use and, we decided to order it and, we all really wanted tea! The tea was indescribably delicious, I have never had tea quite like it and, I am always thrilled when I can add a new tea/food into my "adventurous" taste buds. I will defiantly try to find this tea so, I can have it at home. How cute are the glasses an, tea pot!

We then ventured into the Jacuzzi which was fabulous and, much needed after some tough workouts during the week. 

After going back in the steam room and, in and, out of the Jacuzzi we decided to order the Watermelon. It was perfect after all the heat we wanted something refreshing. We opted not to get any treatments mainly because we were all on a budget. You can get treatments and, the prices were reasonable. Overall, we really enjoyed ourselves and, I would recommend going. I forgot to mention one of the best parts, it's open from 12pm-12 am so, for $25 Wed-Thurs you could stay there the whole day. I thought this would be a great Christmas present. The membership for the month is $95 and if you plan on going a lot I would say it is worth it. 

If you are interested in the Youtube video you can watch it here:

Have an enlightening and adventurous day,

Website: BearandBirch