Sunday, June 5, 2016

I'm Going To Italy!!

Hello Loves,

It has be manifested and is my manifestation coming to life? I have talked and, talked, and then talked some more about going to Italy whether it was  for school or for vacation I have been wanting  go for years. I think my dream is finally a reality! It looks like we can get a non-stop flight to Italy for around $625 yes!! Florence or Firenze is calling my name. With my business in the balance of just starting and taking off how will I afford to go? I have asked myself this question several times and, I am making it happen. Between pet sitting, Poshmark and, Amazon I will be saving for Italy. The only problem is what will I wear? The fashion student in me still speaks as I want to establish my travel vlogs/ fashion on forever seeking wanderlust I will need to structure my fall capsule wardrobe carefully. I am thinking two sandal and, two pairs of sneakers maybe a loafer. I also, want to save for my capsule wardrobe so, I hope I can do it all before October and, of course continue to pay my own bills. This is a trip of a lifestyle in which I will be blogging and, putting on YouTube. Even though this trip is to explore Italy I will still be making this a work trip as hopes to expand my blog and YouTube Channel. With the hopes of an increase in audience my plan would be to travel a lot more and to help you all find great spots to visit all over the world. I am thrilled for Italy and for what the future has to offer. If you want to see travel vlog/blogs let me know in the comments below.