Friday, April 29, 2016

Screened: Hart of Dixie

Hart of Dixie a great play on Zoe Harts name was a pleasure and, infuriating to watch. As the audience realizes who the characters should end up with it is heartbreaking to watch all the mistakes that are made. To not give to much away I will divulge some the story line. Zoe Hart is just graduating as a doctor and, something brings her to BlueBell not the town that this New York City slicker is used. Zoe's quirkiness, style start to get the attention by many BlueBell men. She is torn between staying n this quaint small town or going home to New York City and, taking the job of her dreams. Will fate step in along, with Mayor Haines, George, Wade, Dr.Breeland. What will Zoe Hart choose and, what future lies before her if she stays in BlueBell. If you want to find out the series is on Netflix and, I really enjoyed watching it especially, with the Southern Alabama town of BlueBell and, there many interesting conundrums.

Have an enlightening and, adventurous day,