Saturday, April 2, 2016

Keeping the memory, moving forward, and coping

Hello Loves,
This week has been a very difficult one, with our dog Maxwell of 13 years passing away and, not being home as you can imagine, I'm a bit exhausted. But, I thought I would talk about how I am coping with Maxwell's passing and, hopefully it will help a few of you who are grieving. Maxwell had Lymphoma (which is a form of cancer) for about three weeks. We went to a natural vet who does not believe in steroids etc.. and frankly I don't either. If you didn't know there is no cure for Lymphoma and, making Maxwell go through chemo or steroids would just have been putting a Band-Aid on the cancer. So, we went the natural root hoping he would pass away naturally. He started to progress quickly and became swollen in his glands then, his face. Of course he was still cute as a button but, because his face was so swollen he started to have trouble picking up his head, drinking water and, eating. We also, helped him up and down the stairs until he could no longer walk then, we started to carry him. On his last day here on earth his breathing was extremely heavy, he couldn't move, eat or, drink. We knew it was time for him to go and so did he. When he passed I was very sad but, I also, remembered that he needed to go because before long he would have been suffering. I know feel at peace that he was buried and, no longer had to deal with what came from the lymphoma. He was the most amazing dog; his intelligence was amazing to witness. He was a fast learner and, such a love. He was with us when we were sick licking us or lying by us. Although, it is hard to sit here and write this I feel I owe it to myself and Maxwell to help others cope and, move forward with a passing of their loved ones. It is not an easy process, you may feel sad, angry, or guilty. You are initialed to those feeling but don't let yourself get swept up in them. Remember all the times you shared together and you don't need to forget your loved one but, you do eventually need to move forward. Remember that death is a natural process and, although, we may miss our loved ones their memories live on through pictures, stories, and in our hearts. Maxwell will always be remember and greatly loved and, I am moving forward like he would want me too. I hope you all got a little something from this post.

Have an enlightening and adventurous day,