Friday, March 18, 2016

Food Combining Whoops

Hello Loves,

Let me start out by saying I should know better.. It all started today when I only brought three bananas to my grandmas and, I didn't realize I was staying until 2p.m. After I had a food headache at about 1p.m. I gave in and had two small bowls of cheerios with rice milk. Then, a little after two I had some left over Chinese food (vegan style, take out). Later, I got home and, had a Marry Me (vegan ice cream bar). Of course, because I was actually hungry for dinner I decided to have bread with avocado and, tomato; topped that all off with a large carrot. WTF... I know, it is a tragedy of not carbed up thinking. I know that my stomach does not do well with fatty foods and, works so much better if I have fruit before 4p.m. Lesson learned! My stomach doesn't hurt it is just bloated. My lifestyle of clean eating is fantastic, I love it, and I feel energized. But, when I eat like this it does not do my body any favors. I also, have a goal of dropping ten lbs to start out with the healthy way. I also, forgot to mentioned that I walked a lot today but, unfortunately counteracted that with what I ate. When you don't eat enough of the right foods you just grab for what ever is available and, that is the wrong way to approach it. So, I'm hoping to inspire you all to start food combining correctly and, lay off those fatty foods that get you nowhere! I love my mostly plant based foods and, am still learning as a vegan what to do. I need to be prepared and, bring food I love to eat with me! Three bananas in the morning does not do it....
Have an enlightening and, adventurous day,