Sunday, March 13, 2016

How To Cope with having a bad day

Hello Loves,
I know some of us get into a bit of a day slump and just tend to get a little emotional. This is a rare occasion for me and usually takes me off guard. But, with having so many happy and great days you are bound to have a few with hiccups. Today was not a bad day and, nothing set me off specifically except the connection of me feeling like a burden on everyone. Lately, I have been feeling as though it is a chore to talk to me and, I'm sure most of us feel like that on occasion. I lead a great life with entrepreneurial pursuits that I absolutely love. So, how do we pull ourselves out of this weird funk that is not brought on by anything specific...
  1. You are feeling that way for a reason so let yourself feel
  2. Now that you have had time to cope with your feelings learn from it
  3. What do you want to do, are there changes you need to make
  4. Do you- You are your own person so, do what you love
  5. Now take yourself away from the funk by reading, watching a movie, or doing something you love to do.
  6. Take a walk and listen to music
  7. Deal with it and move forward
My number 7 is happing right now by writing about it, because that is how I work out things. Do what makes you feel good and, don't waste your day in a funk.

" We are merely humans, our minds wander, our hearts grow, we long to explore, and with so many emotions we are bound to fall into the quickening sand; it is our slow adjustments that bring us back to solid ground."
~ Allison Vota

Have an enlightening and adventurous day,