Friday, February 26, 2016

Screened- Fuller House

Whoa the nostalgia,
 Although, I watched Full House refunds because I was born in 1994 the debut of Fuller House brought me back to the times of sitting on the floor having snacks and, watching it with my brother after school. Now there is no waiting for series to be on T.V. because an amazing invention happened "Netflix!" Woohoo the entire first season is on Netflix. I am 4 episodes in and, I plan to binge watch as much as possible!

Episode 1: I enjoyed that the brought almost the entire cast back and refrained from being extra cheesy like the ne "Girl Meets World." I think they the stuck to the roots/theme of Full House and DJ being a single mother brings on a new twist to the series.

After watching the entire first season I will report back and, let you know if I enjoyed it, plus give you some highlights. I have laughed out loud but, still feel like Full House is my first choice between the two. I can't wait to experience it all and hope the episodes continue to impress!

Oh, and I can't forget our favorite TV series song is back with a bit of a new tempo to kick start the 2016 series!