Friday, February 12, 2016

Society Is Holding Us Back People Who Are Breaking The Mold

Recently I have been watching YouTube Channels instead of regular T.V. Most pre-teens to thirty year olds are watching Netflix, Hulu, and YouTube much more than they are watching Cable Television. I think the number one reason is because it is convenient. Most of us use have smart phones/Tablets where we can watch shows or YouTubers during classes, or on your way home from work if you take the bus or the ferry. It is easy to throw on a pair of headphones and tune the rest of the people out until class starts or you are back from work. Why do we watch these shows/channels; are we bored, want to tune out, enjoy the characters, or want to live their lives. Anyway it is a way to escape and turn your brain off for a little bit. Now we have so many choices that we have control over what we watch. Lately I have been watching some more positive and enlightening YouTube Channels. This week it has be been the YouTube Channel Sailing La Vagabonde. I get to watch Riley and, Elayna with minimal sailing experience sail all around the world. I journey with them on La Vagabonde and go through the ups and downs with them. It is so interested to see all the spots that end up in where almost no ones heard of or the mistakes they make and, learn from on the boat. They have been sailing for awhile and, it has been a year seen they started their sailing videos on YouTube. I am currently on episode 14 and, I'm going to be sad when it ends. I do hope that they continue to upload to their channel because I enjoy watching their adventures. They do fish a lot so, if you are vegan just a disclaimer, I obviously have my reasons for not eating animals including fish but, it is not going to stop me from watching their journey. I hope you all check out their channel the link will be below.
Have an enlightening and adventurous day,

YouTube La Vagabonde: