Sunday, January 31, 2016

e.l.f. Lip Stain Swatches & Review

These lip stains are perfect to show off your lips as well as, enhance your lip color. With Valentine's Day right around the corner and these being $2 it may be worth the investment. I tested the lip stain on my hand to see if it would say and, it barely left a mark. If you are planning on getting in some major snogging this is the lip stain for you. Far warning that the stains do no moisturize your lip therefore, you need to apply coconut oil or a tint less chap stick after you apply the stain to your lips. I hope your date is ready

Berry Blush was one of my favorites, I think it is perfect for fall, winter, and Halloween. It is a brighter but, darker pigmented berry with hues of pink. Berry Blush goes well with a deep and sultry makeup look enhancing the beauty of the color as well as, your lips.

Crimson Crush: Has a deep and seductive vibe with less berry and red undertones. It is still quite a dark pigment.

Nude Nectar: Enhanced my natural lip color and also, kept to the red undertone theme. With a natural and subtle effect nude nectar would be perfect for everyday use.
Hot Tamale: Great for summer has a nice burnt orange look still keeping in the red tone family.

Pink Petal reminded me of a rose color not red or pink but, somewhere in the middle. Lovely color for spring and, summertime.


  • Stay on your lips for a long time
  • Beautiful Pigment
  • Vegan
  • Cruelty Free
  • Love The Packaging
  • Very dry to apply so, must add moister over such as, coconut oil
  • Hard to take off which can also, be a plus
  • Similar colors but, just different enough that I might put it as a pro as well

Overall, I enjoyed this lip stains and at $2 I would say they are a bargain. I am interested to see how long it takes to loose the pigment or to dry out. I will continue to use them in my tutorials and, I hope you all enjoy them!

Video for these lip swatches is at the top of the page or you can use this link, enjoy:

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