Friday, November 25, 2016

Making $300,000 Blogging?

Ciao Tutti,
Making Sense Of Cents is a blog that is showing up all over Pinterest every-time I am looking for more ways to make money blogging. I am no expert and, have a lot to learn when it comes to blogging. But, I am wondering how she makes so much money within a year? she does have people working for her so, I can see how that would start to make you quite a bit of money. She also, knows all about affiliate links... I was amazed at how many companies have affiliate links and, I have signed up for a few including BlueHost. This is to test if I start making money blogging or, if the affiliate links do nothing. She as big goals set for herself as, I do but, she is really seeing them work out in front of her eyes. Her monthly incomes can range from $30,000 plus, I mean, who wouldn't want to start a blog with the potential to make quite a bit of dough. I obviously haven't had a blog for three years to get paid because I haven't made any money off of my blog as of yet. I just love writing to you all and, conversing about interesting topics. But, I thought it's time to have your hard work earn you some income. I just signed up for her 7 day email of how to make money on blogging. Just like my other blog posts say, I will be testing this method to see if it works. I will do a monthly income update as well as, an update when it comes to all these extra programs that I am trying. My goal within 6 months is to make $6,000 at $1,000 a month lets see if that is doable before I spitting off large goals like $20,000 a month and, $100,000 a year. As, I promised I am working on my blog everyday bringing you all fresh insight. I know there have been a few questions about how I started blogging what hosts I am using etc.. I will do a separate blog post although, I am not am expert I will try to help you all as much as possible because if blogging is your passion I welcome you! I have loved blogging over the past three almost four years and, could not think about going a day without it! If you want to ask questions about blogging which will help me so much here are the platforms you can contact me on:
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Goal- Make $1,000/Month Blogging
Update you all every month with a report on how much I have made
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Well I hope you all are enjoying learning about extra ways to make money as much as I am! It is exciting!!
Have an enlightening and adventurous day,

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