Wednesday, November 30, 2016

My new camera and how I can afford it?

Ciao Tutti,
You may be seeing the quality of my YouTube Videos has elevated not only in the past year but, in the past several vlogs.  Well, that is because I got a new camera! I have been wanting one with a flip screen for awhile and, have not been able to afford it. In fact this is the first camera that I have purchased my other two cameras were Christmas presents. This camera was not cheap and, it is not solely mine. When I was looking to purchase the camera my brother decided that he would split the cost with me and, we would share the camera. Knowing, that I would be using it quite a bit more than he would he still decided that it was a good idea. We all know I am not rolling in dough as I talk about in almost every post... But, what we do know is that I like to hollar on a dollar. I am testing many ways to make money and, have been having an interesting time with that. If you want to learn more about that I will leave the link below. I really hunted for this camera and, so did my brother. I watched probably about 10-15 videos and, blog posts to find the right camera for what we needed without spending over $700. Finally we found the right one and, it was around $650. So, $325 each which is much more do able compared to $500-$700 by myself. Not only did my brother split the camera with me he said I only have to pay half and, he would make the other half my birthday/Christmas present. I mean, do I not have the best brother. So, that leaves me paying $162.50 for a over $600 camera... My advice is to split the cost of the camera with a family member or, you can do what I was going to and, save up for half then pay it over over the course of a couple of months. Make sure you don't go in buying a camera that you will not be able to afford. If you can not afford a camera use your phone once you start to make money off of the video or pictures grow your cameras. It is funny I kind of think grow your camera with your videos. I kind of did the opposite kind of... My first camera I did have for four years before I got my first EOS last year for Christmas. It was my gift from the whole family as it is expensive. My first camer still works but, I needed a better quality as I was getting paid to do a few videos and, the filming was a nightmare... The focus wasn't working for long videos you have no idea how many times I would lose footage, the camera won't be recording and, how long it would take to set it up because I would have to replay the camera to see if I was even in the video and, adjust it... When I say nightmare I really mean a nightmare. When I learned that I could hook my EOS up to my laptop and, adjust it through there it was amazing... I still couldn't see myself in the camera but, I could see myself on the laptop. For a year this is how I filmed and, it was not without its problems. Finally I have Cannon EOS M3 ahhh... If you watch it you will here in my video below that I am so excited about the focus. A true vlogger when you get excited about how clear your focus is... I have filmed vlog style and, filmed videos where I am just sitting and, I am in love with this camera. It is my favorite that I have used to film so far! The fact that I can flip the screen and film myself is just absolutely amazing! I defiantly recommend this camera if you need a new one. It also, takes beautiful pictures. Right now I only have one lense for this camera so, if I end up getting more at some point I will fill you in. I am currently in camera heaven, this camera has been such a dream so far.

How To Afford A New Camera List:

  1. If you can't afford a new camera use your phone or find a inexpensive one at a garage sale or secondhand store
  2. If you are serious about filming grow the camera with your Channel or by how many clinets you have
  3. Get a side job there are many online:
  4. Split the cost with a family member that you can trust
  5. Save over the course of the year
  6. Sell your pictures now or get some of your videos sponsored so, you can afford your dream camera
  7. Buy on huge sales such as cyber monday

Have an enlightening and adventurous day,


Friday, November 25, 2016

Making $300,000 Blogging?

Ciao Tutti,
Making Sense Of Cents is a blog that is showing up all over Pinterest every-time I am looking for more ways to make money blogging. I am no expert and, have a lot to learn when it comes to blogging. But, I am wondering how she makes so much money within a year? she does have people working for her so, I can see how that would start to make you quite a bit of money. She also, knows all about affiliate links... I was amazed at how many companies have affiliate links and, I have signed up for a few including BlueHost. This is to test if I start making money blogging or, if the affiliate links do nothing. She as big goals set for herself as, I do but, she is really seeing them work out in front of her eyes. Her monthly incomes can range from $30,000 plus, I mean, who wouldn't want to start a blog with the potential to make quite a bit of dough. I obviously haven't had a blog for three years to get paid because I haven't made any money off of my blog as of yet. I just love writing to you all and, conversing about interesting topics. But, I thought it's time to have your hard work earn you some income. I just signed up for her 7 day email of how to make money on blogging. Just like my other blog posts say, I will be testing this method to see if it works. I will do a monthly income update as well as, an update when it comes to all these extra programs that I am trying. My goal within 6 months is to make $6,000 at $1,000 a month lets see if that is doable before I spitting off large goals like $20,000 a month and, $100,000 a year. As, I promised I am working on my blog everyday bringing you all fresh insight. I know there have been a few questions about how I started blogging what hosts I am using etc.. I will do a separate blog post although, I am not am expert I will try to help you all as much as possible because if blogging is your passion I welcome you! I have loved blogging over the past three almost four years and, could not think about going a day without it! If you want to ask questions about blogging which will help me so much here are the platforms you can contact me on:
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Well I hope you all are enjoying learning about extra ways to make money as much as I am! It is exciting!!
Have an enlightening and adventurous day,

Music I am loving 1920s-1950s Playlists on Spotify!
YouTube Channels I love:
Mango Island Mamma
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Books I have been reading: Anne Of The Island part of the Anne Of Green Gables Series
Book I highly recommend: Ocean At the End Of The Lane

Holiday Movie I Love: Borrowed Hearts

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Italy Under $1,100

Ciao Tutti,

I recently visited beautiful Italia, I got to see a few different cities and, I absolutely fell in love with Venice. I can not imagine how it would look in the summer but, even in the fall it is breathtaking. As you all know I do not have a steady income at the moment and, need to be frugal with my money. If you have been following my blog for three year you will know I have gone on and, on about how much I wanted to go. I wrote about it quite a few times and, we finally made it  happen. I went with my brother and, a friend of ours. We went for 10 days most of the time in Regello we also, went to Lucca , Florence and, spent two days in Venice. The airbnb in Venice was great we were in the older part of Venice with cobble streets and, little alleyways. We enjoyed being out of the center but, I will do an entire post on the airbnb I did a whole tour that will be on my YouTube Channel. How much did I have before I went? How did I save for Italy? Where did we stay? The plane ticket was paid for over the summer with a few pet sitting jobs so, I did not have to worry about that. I had put away money in my savings mainly from pet sitting. I made sure that I was careful with my money over the summer and, I made sure to keep tossing some money into my savings account until it reached my desired amount. If you have a steady income it should be a lot easier for you to set out a budget and, put away each month for your desired vacation.

How did I only spend $300-$350 in Italy? Before, we get into all that one big tip and, you are going to thank me use the Italian atm to take money out of your debit account. You will get hit with a few but, it is nothing compared to exchanging your money which is pointless unless you are exchanging thousands of dollars and, be prepared to lose half because there fee is 40-50%, ouch! Save yourself the frustration of losing all your money... Make sure you alert your bank and, the card company. You need to let them know how much you pan to take out everyday and, how long you will be away. Do not get stuck with a useless card. Our accommodations were free because my brother had volunteered at the place two six month stents a few years ago. We ended up leaving fifty euro each as a donation. In Venice we paid $37 each night per person so, I paid that before I left $74 and, then the 3 euro in taxes each when we left. We ate out four nights out of 10 and, ate for free where we were staying we also, had breakfast there over 8 days and, some lunches. This helped a great deal leaving us with paying a little bit for food and, spending most money on transportation. We did buy a cheese platter and, olive oil as birthday/Christmas presents but, we planned that in advance and that is included in the $300-$350 that were spent. I was extremely frugal with my money and, decided not to get anything extra as, I thought the memories were priceless. A few tips, if you know someone in Italy or you can drive it is worth it if you are planning to go to somewhere like Venice. A train ticket is more expensive compared to the tolls and, paid parking to store your car. With four of us I think it totaled to $100 split four ways is $25. We saved over three hundred-four hundred dollars. In Venice take the water buses not, the water taxis they are much more expensive. Take trains when traveling to places like Florence if they are close it is pretty inexpensive. Obviously, the further you are away the more expensive it is going to the place. Trains are usually the preferred form of transportation in Italy. I suggest signing up to volunteer places with organizations such as, WOOFING. They will allow you to work in trade for free food and, stay. Hostiles are preferred and, common among younger travelers who do not have a great deal of money. Going there with a plan is essential to saving your money and, hopefully will allow you travel to many destinations. I am thinking about W.O.O.F.I.N.G. in New Zealand so, we shall see what the future holds in regards to that. Next I'm going to be telling you how I saved for NZ haha. Look out for the Italian travel blogs because they are coming. I hope you are all enjoying my new series Frugal Shopper and, bringing back Holiday Hunny! What exciting times we live in!

Hav an enlightening and adventurous day,

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Thanksgiving cruelty

Hello Loves,

It is time for Thanksgiving and, that means the poor turkey's are going to suffer. Why are turkey's so popular at Thanksgiving? As you may know I am vegan and, it took me a year to connect why we shouldn't eat meat or, diary. so, basically I eat nothing from animals, I'm still a little unsure about the honey, it has so many healing properties and, I think it is ok as long as I get it local. I do know about why vegans don't eat honey but, I'm kind of in-between with that.. I don't go out of my way to have honey but, if something is made with honey I don't stress over it. The past two Thanksgiving I have had tofurky and, I can't help but wonder if more of us had an ethical mindset if we would be able to make a new standard for Thanksgiving. There is absolutely no need to have meat at your dinner table especially when most of you have not killed the bird yourself. If you have bought your turkey from the store then chances are your mind is numb from the actual killing that goes on when you buy your turkey in a package. How would fell if you had to shoot the turkey, de-feather and, de-gut I think you may change your mind. If I was given that choice I would be horrified and, opt for the veggies. Even when I see animals in movies being hurt which is fake it puts my stomach in knots. I can not imagine what is going through there minds when they are stuck in cages with hundreds of other turkeys. No room to exercise, no room to go to the bathroom. Imagine yourself in that situation now you are brutally taken out and slaughtered, not the life you envisioned is it? So, why do we feel the need to eat turkey or any animal. If you wouldn't eat your pet then you shouldn't be eating meat. A true meat eater wouldn't care what meat they were eating. I believe we weren't meant to eat our beautiful animals. Not to mention, that it is actually hurting the environment. I will post some information below if you are interested. If you are a meat eater I still have love for you as we should have love for everyone even if we don't have the same views.

Have an enlightening and adventurous day,

Black Friday Is The New Thanksgiving

Ciao Tutti,
I know you probably thought this blog post was going to be about Black Friday shopping and, deals however, it is not. I have been hearing commercials about stores open on Thanksgiving and, to come in early to avoid the crowds. I must say these ads have thoroughly disappointed me. I understand opening the stores at 9 or 10 p.m. because people who are on there way home from Thanksgiving dinner can stop off at a store if they want something but, why is it so important to be open during the day? It makes me sad that we can't just focus on hanging out with our loved ones, chatting, catching up and, just enjoying each others company. Instead, stores have taken it a step up and, decided they are going to interrupt one day that we get to relax with one another. It begs the question has black Friday become more important than Thanksgiving? Please let me know what you think in the comments. Thank you for all the lovely comments I have been receiving on my posts, I am truly grateful to have all of you on here. Please let me know if there is a topic you want me talk about in the comments below. 
Have an enlightening and adventurous day,

Monday, November 21, 2016

Bear and Birch Spa Day

Welcome To Our Bear and Birch Spa Experience 

We were greeted by a nice women who gave us this awesome bracelet that are waterproof. They open your locker and, keep your tab. I mean, how awesome is it that you don't have to carry around a wade of cash with you. You pay at the end and tally everything up. We paid $25 to get which included the Russian Sauna, American Sauna, Steam Room, Cold Plunge, Jacuzzi and, seats. There is water available for free around the spa so, don't worry about dehydrating. Ladies & Gents, it is B.Y.O.B so, bring your favorite liquor and, drink up. If you want to stay in the cleanse mindset there are plenty of juice options. We put all our clothes etc. in the locker room and, proceeded to the room where basically everything. We found a table set our stuff down and, headed into the steam room. Well, we are not all fans of being steamed in so, we shut off the steam which gave a nice lingering steam and were sweating so, it did it's job. Then we headed to the Russian steam room I lasted about 1 minute it was veyr, very hot and, we made the mistake of bringing our plastic cups in whoops... they started to melt. I quickly placed them outside and, went back in for probably 30 seconds. I could not handle the heat so, I got the heck out. Then, we hit up the American sauna which was pretty warm and, I may have been in there for five minutes. I can only be in places super warm for a few minutes, I can not take too much heat. After that, I took the cold plunge and, yes it was freezing but, it is great for your lymphatic system! We decided to chill out by the Jacuzzi and, order some food. We got hummus and, bread it was quite tasty.   

We saw this really cool tea pot next to use and, we decided to order it and, we all really wanted tea! The tea was indescribably delicious, I have never had tea quite like it and, I am always thrilled when I can add a new tea/food into my "adventurous" taste buds. I will defiantly try to find this tea so, I can have it at home. How cute are the glasses an, tea pot!

We then ventured into the Jacuzzi which was fabulous and, much needed after some tough workouts during the week. 

After going back in the steam room and, in and, out of the Jacuzzi we decided to order the Watermelon. It was perfect after all the heat we wanted something refreshing. We opted not to get any treatments mainly because we were all on a budget. You can get treatments and, the prices were reasonable. Overall, we really enjoyed ourselves and, I would recommend going. I forgot to mention one of the best parts, it's open from 12pm-12 am so, for $25 Wed-Thurs you could stay there the whole day. I thought this would be a great Christmas present. The membership for the month is $95 and if you plan on going a lot I would say it is worth it. 

If you are interested in the Youtube video you can watch it here:

Have an enlightening and adventurous day,

Website: BearandBirch

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Frugal Shopper

Ciao Tutti,
I have been doing some research on saving especially when your money comes is sporadically like mine and, I don't have a set income each month. I'm still building up Amazon and, working on my ebooks. I thought with the holidays coming up this would be a perfect time to start saving big time! I have a few holiday meals that I will testing off of Pinterest in the next three as, I anticipate Christmas. You many not celebrate Christmas like I do but, maybe want some holiday yummy recipes that are inexpensive. There are 20 appetizers, sides, main courses, and desserts that I am going to be making on a very tight budget. Now I already planned ahead a bit and bought a bit in bulk for my cashews, dates, nutritional yeast and, mixed dried fruits. I figured these would be the most expensive items to acquire. I think I have spent about $100 for all these products. I am giving myself a $300 which means I only have $200 left. I am going test all of these Pinterest recipes to see if they make the cut while staying on budget. This is going to be a challenge but, I am thrilled. I will have all my grocery bills on here as well as, all of the foods that I am attempting to make. I am very excited! Stay updated with my Frugal shopper posts by subscribing and, being part of the email alerts from my blog; you will get emailed every-time I post a new blog! You will never miss a post. Let the holiday festivities begin!
Have an enlightening and adventurous day,
How I am saving plastic from being used when I get veggies/fruits:

I am looking to get one of these bags to use for regular groceries does anyone have a recommendation:


Frugal Searcher

Ciao Tutti,
Another week , another job and, probably another bill unpaid or another $ added to the credit card. Well, I may not be knee deep in debt but, I do have a goal of making $1,000-$10,000 a month. $10,000 goal is high but, it is still a goal I will try to pursue.  I really enjoy Pinterest I always search for new ways to make money at home.  Since I am already working from home I wanted to add a few extra hours to my day by finding a side or, full-time job. While searching on Pinterest I found a few options and, one of them really spoke to me. I signed up to be a test reviewer for websites. Making $10 an hour for testing websites is a great side job for me as, I am used to talking to a recording from YouTube. I also, have some experience from Freelance jobs. If I am able to have two side jobs along with my other jobs that will keep me a great income.
I have tested the site and, in fact they do give jobs right away so, I'm well on my way to earning that extra dough. I am currently in the middle of testing out a radio station with perks, writing for greeting cards, and, selling my junk mail. I will eventually test quite a few more so, I give you all some fun jobs that are lucrative for you to do as a side or, full time job.
Have an enlightening and adventurous day,

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

FitBit, Gym, & Passing Out

Hello Ladies & Gentlemen,
Holiday Hunny is back!! If you didn't get to share this exciting time with me last year don't fret, I chat about the ups and downs of my fitness life. After two weeks of being sick going to Italy and, chaos of being home my feet finally made their way to the gym. I am not only working out to lose weight, I am working out to gain strength. I don't know what has happened but, the upper body strength has left the building and, made me pretty week. I am starting out with six pound dumbells when I used to be able to lift ten but, no biggie I will get back there. The only thing I get frustrated about is everytime I workout at the gym lifting weights etc.. I always get light headed and, feel like I am going to pass out. Today I didn't feel that I worked out that long however, boom I was hit with the feeling... This is the worst one I have experienced where my vision was blurry, I was seeing spots and, felt like I was going to throw up. This is extremely frustrating because how am I suppose to workout when all this happens every time.. I do usually have electrolyte water or coconut water which helps a lot but, my goodness it's annoying. When I am home I can have a fan on me to cool me down and, take breaks. Last night I decided I was going to take on a Pinterest 1,000 calorie workout it probably took me about 20-30 minutes with my fan on however, I did not fell lightheaded once. I am wondering what triggers this at the gym and, how to fix it. Oh, before I get into that I wanted to let you know I am keeping an update on my fitness progress on my instagram @thatsabang if you want to see pictures and, follow me I'd be glad to have you! I have a few theories as to why this is happening :
  1. From Low Blood Pressure
  2. From Low Blood Sugar
  3. Something Heart Related
  4. The florescent lights
I may have that vertigo type of thing but, I need to get it checked out again. I also, get randomly dizzy for no reason but, that just happens on random occasions. Oh well, it will get managed sometime soon. Back to the Pinterest workout, it says you can burn 1,000 in doing this workout in under ten minutes. I thought why not, as I said, the workout took me about 20-30 minutes to do but, with practice over the next couple of months maybe I could get it done quicker. On my heart rate monitor it said 444 calories and, then about two hours later I had burned over 1,00 calories. I was wondering if this gimmicky Pinterest post failed to mention that you will continue to burn and, not burn 1,000 calories right away. Never the less, it was challenging and, defiantly a workout that I will pursue and, hopefully master. Please let me know if you have any fun workout routines that you like or YouTube workout videos. I like to mix up my workouts because your body is constantly in shock and, it's not fun to keep doing a handful of workouts. I find some workouts really challenging which makes me not like them as much and, I may hit a wall with trying to get fit. Instead, of frustrating myself with a workout I don't like I switch up and, try something new. I usually take zumba, aquatics, yoga and, pound. I will have to wait another week before I can go back to all those fun classes. In the meantime I'm hitting the home workouts and, gym when I can. I have a very good feeling about this year!
Have an enlightening and adventurous day,

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