Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Les Sublimes- Ethical & Sustainable Fashion

Beautiful wardrobe essentials. Without the compromise.

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Today is an exciting day, Les Sublimes has launched their new collection, The Made In France Collection. Throughout the post you will get a sneak peek at the collection while, hearing about Les Sublimes and, why I think they are a must have for your capsule wardrobe. les sublimes
" Infuse your work with soul, creativity, & love."
"Be defined by your kindness towards others."
" Travel the world."
" Lead a balanced life of quality, & not quantity."
"Be Silly."
les sublimes 3All core values that I want when choosing clothing for my capsule wardrobe, this is what the company Les Sublimes embodies. They believe in the mantra, " Beautiful wardrobe essentials without compromise."
The Made in France Collection puts a classic touch by bringing the customer the ultimate essentials. When it comes to a capsule wardrobe, these pieces are perfect to bring to life and, capture the
momenles sublimes 4t. The clothing is functional and, easily styled toward your unique personality. Please join me in welcoming Les Sublimes' Made in France Collection. If you are interested in pre-ordering  the collection the link will be down below.
Supporting ethical & sustainable is so important to enhance the fashion industry and, to show them that this is the way we want to head towards. Our world needs our help if we are planning on having feature fashion, travel lovers such as ourselves who would enjoy what we call home. I have chatted about the problem with dying fabric and, the decrease in the drinkable water on our planet. Three quarters of the earth's surface is water, while about .37% is drinkable, that is less then 1%. The fashion industry is contributing in the decline of drinkable water and, by supporting ethical & sustainable fashion companies we are helping the planet. We are also, helping better the workers lives who are treated fairly when it les sublimes 2comes to ethical fashion companies. By wearing clothing that is sustainable, you will be wear it for a number of years which would normally be called "wardrobe staples." Now, every piece in your wardrobe and, potential capsule wardrobe will be essential and last for years. Buying fast fashion needs to be put to a stop and, replaced by clothing you will wear for five to ten years to come. When you are done with your piece of clothing, gift it to a friend, someone in need, or resell it on places like Poshmark for a couple extra bucks to re-invest in your capsule wardrobe.
By supporting Les sublimes you will be supporting an education project they have going on in Kenya.

The Made In France Collection:
Les sublimes Buenos Aires DressLes Sublimes London DressLes Sublimes Paris TankLes Sublimes Pokhara TeeLes Sublimes Stockholm TeeLes Sublimes Tokyo Tank

Pre-Order Les Sublimes' The Made In France Collection: https://igg.me/at/lessublimes

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Friday, June 17, 2016

Real Estate Junkie

We all know by now I am a Real Estate Junkie and, if you didn't welcome, "my name is Allie and, I am a real estate junkie." Yup, I am hooked and, unfortunately I have quite expensive taste or I should say I have a vision in mind. I would like to own an estate and, use it for the summer for all of my friends and, family to stay. So, my vision includes an estate and, trust me, I have found a lot. I have looked specifically in England and Virginia and, I found some pretty spectacular places. This week I focused in on Virginia and, all its glory. I do not have a lot of historical information on Virginia but, what I do know is that there are some gorgeous properties. Breathing taking is one why to describe the landscapes of these Virginia Estates.


Historic three bedroom home on 55 acres of hayfields, hardwoods and a large, stocked pond 15 minutes from Amherst

Brochure: http://www.virginiaestates.com/rosedale/rosedale-2015.pdf

I will talk you through the house and, explain why I find it so charming. The pictures will be followed by my opinion, I am not a historian nor am I a real estate agent, I just happen to be smitten with real estate. 

  What first attracted me to this listing was not only the price but, the quaint exterior of this charming historic "farm house." The first picture that I see of a house gives off a vibe that attracts me to the house and pulls me in to take a closer look at the beauty.

The kitchen I always find is the center of the house and, you want it to be large enough to cook and chat in. I happen to really love to cook so, if that is you, you understand the importance of this. They have really done a fantastic job of preserving the home which has a warm and enchanting atmosphere. The counter space in this kitchen is stellar, especially if you have family coming over to cook a large meal. In this kitchen you might be able to fit five people comfortably cooking together. The beams are rustic and match the tone of the flooring. The only thing I see that may need updating are the appliances however, this does not strike me as a stainless steel type of kitchen, it would completely ruin the charm that the current owners have preserved so well. They make great use of the walls with a place to hang all of your pots and, pans. The only problem which I can't see in this picture is if there is room for a little breakfast nook.

This bedroom is one of three perfectly placed interior designing. There are a few elements of the room that could use a little touch but, the wardrobe is not one. If this house comes fully furnished the next owner will defiantly have quite a treasure on their hands. I have never seen a wardrobe as unique as this with a mirror and two doors on the sides. Can we chat about the wood flooring which gives a blank canvas to work with and, for a painter that is the best thing that could happen. The room is a treat to design. 

Staircases and I, well, I have no idea why I happen to love beautiful staircases so much but, I guess it comes with the real estate junkie territory. I am enjoying the appearance of the wood and, how the eye catches different aspects of the staircase in every glance. I have to say it's visually appealing especially if you enjoy older homes. I happen to love houses with history and character. Notice in the back the door either to the front or outside with the farm like screen door. 

Please tell me you feel like we stepped back  in time because I do! It has two of my favorite aspects of a bedroom all in one and, I can't help but, vibe with the room. Lets chat about the fireplace and, how much I love it. If I was to own a house one of my requirements would be to have a fireplace in my bedroom. Not only is it sustainable but, it is aesthetically pleasing. The bay window is an absolute must for me. When I was younger I fell asleep watching a thunderstorm from my friend's bay window and, ever since then I have wanted a bay window in my room. It would be the ideal to wake up and sit at my bay window watching the sunrise or, sipping tea and, reading a book. Do you feel the same pull as I do when you almost understand the room and, why it was built. 

Moving out to the pool and, if you have been reading my blogs for a long time you will know how much I love to swim. This pool looks quite large and, has a lovely patio to put pool furniture on. If I had the money I would install a closure to be able to use the pool in the winter as well. I would get a lot of use out of the pool and, if I had the money it would be worth the investment. 

How cute is this porch area with a walk way up to the house. If you go to the top of the blog post you will see a link to the brochure which will show you the guest cottage and, bunk house. They are both charming and quite useful. With 55 acres of hayfield I would add a few cottages and, bunk houses for airbnb goers. You may even offer your pool and, a breakfast. It would be great income to add to your bank account while meeting lots of people. I would suggest this idea to someone with a family or a couple. I probably would not suggest for someone who is single to do this because there is a dangerous aspect of having strangers rent out your cottages. There is also, a fully stocked pond and, your own cemetery.


15 minutes from the town of Amherst, 1 hour from Charlottesville.
For more information call Kurt Vogelsang (434)409-0750.
Disclaimer: I am not an affiliate of this company I just love real estate. 
I loved walking through the farmhouse with you and, hope you fell in love with its' charm. I surely love the house and, think the cottage & bunkhouse are adorable. Let me know in the comments if you are enjoying Real Estate Junkie and, want to read more/see new homes. Let me know if you like just one property reviewed or multiple reviewed at once. 

Have an enlightening and adventurous day,


Thursday, June 16, 2016

Business Shenanigans Day 1

Hello Loves,
Today I am chatting about my business trip and what happened the first day. It was chalk full of shenanigans now, I have a better idea of how to use my PDA and, what I need for it. Road trips to P.A. are always fun, it is a short distance, and usually pretty scenery once you get off of the highway. We landed at Bird-in-Hand ready to get to our room and jump in the pool. I always try to find places to stay that have a pool because, well, I'm a pool junkie. I like to swim as much as I can and, when I was younger if there was a pool I was in it and swimming around for hours. The way I feel when swimming is almost indescribable, I just love it. Well, we walked into the
hotel to check in and, of course nothing can go smoothly, it turns out that we weren't booked to stay in the hotel but, rather in the motel. If we weren't paying $96 something a night I wouldn't have been as upset but, since we were I was. I was absolutely not staying in a motel for $96/night if that was the case I would have booked a motel for $50-$60/night. We had booked through Expedia and, they booked us in the motel not the hotel. Apparently if you book
through Expedia they can put you anywhere without you know where you are being placed. I was not aware of this when I was booking the trip and, of course was shocked when I got there to find out we were not staying in the same place ( I was not impressed at all.) After about two hours on the phone with Expedia we ended up paying an extra $70 to stay in the hotel. There was a major difference between the rooms and, I was not staying in the motel for that kind of price. We still have to speak to Expedia to at least get the extra $70 we spent back. When you have specific money set aside for this type of a business trip $70 can be a big hit on your wallet. We settled in the room, pool and, went to Panera for dinner. It can be difficult to eat as a vegan in Lancaster, PA but, I ha a much easier time, this trip. While at Panera I had a moment of sheer panic because I had left my laptop in my dads car which was at home in N.J. huge mistake on my part and, I immediately lost my appetite mid spoonful of black bean soup ( which is delicious and, one of my favorite vegan dishes to get from Panera). My dad ended up meeting us halfway, thank god, and we retrieved the laptop and splashed into the pool when we got back. Why was the laptop so important? Well, what you don't know is that I have been trying to download aseller tool onto my PDA so I could use the PDA for the book sale and no longer use my phone. Asellertool is hella-expensive and, I wanted to get full use out of it. Now, to get the PDA to work I needed a scout which plugs into the top of the PDA ($250-$300 piece) I also, needed to have a compact flash that is 2-4GB which I didn't know until the second time I talked to aseller. Then I needed a converter to plug the SD card to install the aseller tool unto the PDA but, we'lll get to that tomorrow. So, the laptop was crucial to get the asellertool onto the compactflash and, then onto the PDA. If you followed all that you defiantly get props because it was confusing even when I finally understood what I needed. So, I should mention that I had purchased the compact flashes on Amazon but, they weren't arriving until the next day.. yeah.. So, because there was an option to download directly onto the PDA I tried that and the download was like an hour altogether. Now it is late like 10:3-11p.m. and, I have a book sale at 7a.m. the next day. I end up staying up until 3a.m. trying to get this to download and, it kept giving me an error. Or first day in Bird in Hand did not go as planned at all and, I'll leave off that I woke up exhausted the next day. Stay tuned for the continuation of the business trip story.
Have an enlightening and adventurous day,
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Sunday, June 5, 2016

I'm Going To Italy!!

Hello Loves,

It has be manifested and is my manifestation coming to life? I have talked and, talked, and then talked some more about going to Italy whether it was  for school or for vacation I have been wanting  go for years. I think my dream is finally a reality! It looks like we can get a non-stop flight to Italy for around $625 yes!! Florence or Firenze is calling my name. With my business in the balance of just starting and taking off how will I afford to go? I have asked myself this question several times and, I am making it happen. Between pet sitting, Poshmark and, Amazon I will be saving for Italy. The only problem is what will I wear? The fashion student in me still speaks as I want to establish my travel vlogs/ fashion on forever seeking wanderlust I will need to structure my fall capsule wardrobe carefully. I am thinking two sandal and, two pairs of sneakers maybe a loafer. I also, want to save for my capsule wardrobe so, I hope I can do it all before October and, of course continue to pay my own bills. This is a trip of a lifestyle in which I will be blogging and, putting on YouTube. Even though this trip is to explore Italy I will still be making this a work trip as hopes to expand my blog and YouTube Channel. With the hopes of an increase in audience my plan would be to travel a lot more and to help you all find great spots to visit all over the world. I am thrilled for Italy and for what the future has to offer. If you want to see travel vlog/blogs let me know in the comments below.



Saturday, June 4, 2016

MY Business MY Life

Hello Loves,
Oh man, as much as I love writing to you loves I have been super focused on Amazon. The blinders were put on for Amazon business trip and, listing. I missed writing to you all and, I am currently pet sitting so, why not take some times to write to you all. Why am I so focused on Amazon? Amazon is my main source of income and, within the next year I want to be making money from it and, not investing my money into the business any longer. It is expensive to start up a business and, now that we have purchased everything we need I will be focusing on buying, buying, and buying books. That means that it is imperative that I go to book sales and, what a coincidence because we are currently in book sale season! How exciting it that, well, for you all it may not be as thrilling as it is for me. With my life tied up in Amazon and, pet sitting I have literally had no time for anything else. I have gotten super behind on cleaning and, my room is paying for it, laundry. I have neglected my Blog and YouTube Channel and, I hate it but, I kind of have to for now. If I want to be able to blog and do YouTube as a hobby and, hopefully, transition them into a prosperous I need to focus. And, that is exactly what I am doing focusing! I have so many things that I want to accomplish and, to be able to do all those things I need to be able to keep myself a float financially. As I have spoken to you all in the past my goal is to be financially independent and, Amazon is my ticket there. Jut like any job I need to put in hard work, dedication, determination, and manifestation. I will be posting at least once a week but, do not get too concerned if I am not on here everyday. As much as I wish I could talk to you everyday I need to make sure I can get time in for myself whether it is showering or working out I am making the time. If you want to stay connected follow me here, on YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter. I would love to hear your thoughts on how to prioritize your life and, what struggles you have with that.

Have an enlightening and adventurous day,