Saturday, September 26, 2015

Day 1 Road Trip To Upstate NY & Vegan Eatories

Our journey began to upstate N.Y. with sunny clear skies and hot hot sun!

Amazing sunset as we venture closer to or destination

As we got into upstate the mountains made my ear pop and I defiantly had a stick of (vegan) gum ready! Although, my ears weren't happy my eyes were taking in the beautiful scenery surrounded me. Leann was the driver and we jammed out to some tunes, it was about a two hour drive from what I can remember. The time passed quickly as we chatted away and rocked out! 
 We had arrived at our destination unpacked and we were extremely hungry! We had snacked on pretzels but, we were ready for dinner and of course it is never easy to find vegan places to eat or vegan options. It was very convenient that there was a restaurant that had vegan options n the menu about a 5 minute drive away. Just my luck, right! 

When walking into the restaurant the first thing I thought was, " I could've dressed a little nicer." It was a beautiful restaurant with a rustic and romantic feel. It is somewhere I would defiantly want to go if I had a boyfriend. Leann and I were seated toward the middle with a great view of the bar and pretty dark with candles we had to laugh that, that is where we were being seated. Unfortunately we were both 20 at the time so, we didn't get to try out the drink menu.

I was very excited and of course had to snap, "It's Vegan!"

I was actually hesitate to try the bread and dip because, dips are usually not vegan. Leann asked and it ended up being vegan and I was thrilled! The dip was tangy and had a little kick which was a great combination my only complaint is that we didn't have more..

I can not rave enough about the amazing asparagus that we had the pleasure of trying! They had garlic roasted which is always a plus in my book combined with the heavenly sauce that made my mouth water. I have never tasted a sauce quite like this and, I am ecstatic that  had an experience that food critics crave.

My main dish was sateen I think it was "chipotle sateen" but, don't quote me on that. All I know is that I was transferred to Hawaii with this sweet and spicy dish. I loved the pineapples included in the dish which brought the dish together. It was not greasy and it was so nice to have a vegan dish in a higher end restaurant.
Now let's talk price, I would usually not spend the amount of money I spent on this dish but, since it was vacation and vegan I splurged. Just so, you are aware it is quite pricey my entrée was around $18.99.Nomally this dish would be around $12 which is what I would feel more comfortable paying. If I am ever in upstate N.Y. again I would defiantly eat there and, possibly just get an entrée of the asparagus!
Where Can You Find The Restaurant:
Aroma Thyme Bistro
(845) 647-3000(845) 647-3000
165 Canal St
Ellenville NY 12428