Thursday, September 3, 2015

My Vegan Food Dairy Day 5

Ciao Tutti,
#Iamstillsick :/ I have watched some pretty inspiring vegan videos today so, I am going to leave you with the videos to watch and what I ate. One thing I did want to mention is that I cough a lot from being sick which has prevented me from singing for over 6 days... I am so sad that this is preventing my to sing because it is something that brings me so much joy! If you don not follow me on snapchat come follow my at eyeheartedu: Last night I decided since I can't sing I would do Djing, trivia, facts about me on snapchat which gave me a very very long snap story but, it was so much fun to listen to the music and show everyone what kind of music I like and listen to. I am also, getting cabin fever ( it is real folks) I am pet sitting at a house and it is just me and the dog. I think most of you know I do not drive so, I am pretty much stuck here until someone were to come get me. I absolutely love pet sitting but, I can not vlog at the house and I have noticed that I miss vlogging so much! I vlog almost everyday of my life and my footage is tremendously backed up on editing for my YouTube Channel because I do vlog so frequently. I love vlogging and making videos and I realized that I love talking to you all; although, you may not be there at the present moment it eventually reaches you. It is so interesting what you learn about yourself when you are alone, can't really talk physically to much because I start coughing, and what I feel deprived of.  I of course have my phone and the internet so, I'm not saying I'm bored I'm saying I miss two things I am very passionate about. Can anyone else relate to the feeling of missing something so much you feel deprived of it? Chat with me in the comments I would love to hear all about it. Lets get into what I ate today and two videos from today I enjoyed so much!


My favorite Breakfast Nice Cream. While eating breakfast I usually catch up with my YouTube subscriptions and, I have now have so many vegans I am following which is great because I know no one vegan where I live. This video really embodies what I am all about which is, learning from others and absorbing their cultures. I have a love for culture and learning why people do certain things within their culture. This video is a great depiction of that and also, gets the message I have been writing about all week across, " to be happy." Happiness is the most important component of life which I am trying to embrace. I hope you enjoy the video from Mantras And Mangos!


Mary has so many more videos so, if you are interested here is the link to her channel:

Simple Salad with Goddess Dressing
While I ate my salad I continued to watch YouTube videos as usual and Raw Nourishment had a pretty mind blowing picture that should really make you question what you are eating. 
This is such a startling picture but, it is exactly what is happening to animals everyday... It reminds me of this movie I watched that you absolutely must watch if you haven't seen it! I don't want to spoil it so, watch Cloud Atlas and then comment below telling me what you thought. If you have already seen it comment down below and let me know your thoughts on the movie! Pink Floyd does a take with their video Another Brick In Wall which I will leave for you to watch. If you are under 17 please ask your parents permission before watching Cloud Atlas as it is rated R and graphic ( Under U.S. laws you must be 17 or older to watch a rated R movie with out a parent or guardians permission) 

Disclaimer: This video is alarming and of course no children were actually harmed in the video

Cloud Atlas Trailer

Now that I have made dinner so appetizing lol here is what I ate.

I had two wraps with hummus, lettuce, and a boat load of lettuce. Then for a snack I had pretzel and popcorn. I am actually getting hungry while I'm writing probably because it has been about six hours since I have eaten... I did have a few dates after this so, I wonder what i am going to have now...As I didn't bring too many options to eat while pet sitting I have slim pickings. I need to get my packing down for when I am staying at a house for a longer period of time. My mom will be finishing pet sitting for me tomorrow night into Saturday so, I can prepare our stuff for our business/book sale trip on Sunday. This is quite a busy week and my birthday is this coming Monday the big 21! Although, I am excited I have a lot to sort out with my passport, finishing school etc.. Italy is hopefully my next destination. Oh how exciting life is when we don't know where we are headed and we get a chance to live in the moment. I hope you all are enjoying my vegan food dairies, I know I am loving writing them. Well, I have left you all with a lot to process and absorb!
Good night,

Can You Handle Your Reflection

Ciao Tutti,
I recently watched a video that was the inspiration for this blog post. I think it is so important for women especially to be content with the way they look. We don't want to just be content we tend to have a love hate relationship with our mirrors. I know that every day I have to remind myself how beautiful I am and, not criticize myself in the mirror. I do not know why I give mirrors so much power over my mind but, it happens and I am trying to correct my mind. Why should we play mind games with ourselves, we should be our number one cheerleaders. Today, I noticed that I was nit picking what I want to change with myself and I do not think that is a healthy perspective. As a young women I am a role model to girls and I take that very seriously. Although, I am working toward a goal I do not need to berate myself on my journey to "becoming the greatest version of myself." Instead of letting my mirror control my mind I am in control and I am giving myself permission to say great things about myself.  I challenge you this week to look your reflection in the eye and take your control back; say one thing amazing about yourself every time you catch your reflection in the mirror. We are giving the younger generation of girls a complex about weight, instead they should be living to play, have fun, and become positive human beings. Keep your light shining bright and end body dis-morphia, eating disorders, and negativity toward our beautiful bodies.

This video is so great and really empowers women to embrace their bodies

Taylor Swift is taking her role modeling seriously