Wednesday, September 2, 2015

My Vegan Food Diary 4

Good Morning Loves,
I have had a bit of a lazy morning partly because I woke up feeling worse. I am very nervous because my business trip is coming up this Sunday & Monday so, I want to feel my best! If you didn't know I have many jobs one in which I am trying to make my number one main job with pet sitting,  and YouTube/Blogging . I am a book seller on Amazon and I travel around to different book sales mostly closer to the area I live in; this book sale happens to be in Connecticut which is the furthest I have traveled and my second business trip in regards to book selling. If you aren't subscribed to my YouTube Channel you may not have seen my business trip videos to P.A. which I will link below. My job today is to make up an itinerary for the two days along with, a list of rare books and books to look out for. I have and am taking my Amazon business very seriously because I hope for it to be my income while I am away at fashion school in Italy. At least I am hoping I will be away at fashion school in Italy, I am currently in the application stages. With all my businesses I am hoping to be able to fully support myself and when I return from Italy find a little space to call my own. Getting back into my day I took my doggie friend for a walk and then had...


I had this for breakfast and lunch plus an apple. Today I wasn't that hungry and I am trying to rest more for my big weekend business trip. 


fresh blueberries half of a large mason jar
Almond Milk
Frozen Bananas about 5


Toast the flour wraps
garlic hummus

Please keep in mind I am not in my on home so, the recipes are kept to a minimum. 

Good Night,

YouTube Business Trip Videos:

Fashion Week Is Coming

Hello Loves,
Are you super excited for fashion week? I will be keeping you updated about what shows I loved, what I would wear etc.. I will pick two of my favorite outfits and will be doing a look for significantly less. I am so thrilled to be able to chat with you during fashion week and I will give you a schedule of when I will be live blogging, commenting, and what the blog post are going to be about. I think I might film a reaction video to the shows that I am super excited for! Stay updated through my blog, twitter, and instagram! Let's be fashionistas together!

Twitter: @thatsabang
Instagram: @allievluv

Use these hashtags to help me to see your tweets and instagram posts for fashion week!

For any business inquiries please contact me:
I look forward to hearing from you and helping your business thrive!


Fashion Week Schedule:

My NYC Fashion Week Schedule Is Coming Soon!!

How many shows do you think Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid will be in? I'm also, hearing that Caitlyn Jenner may be in fashion week as well. I cant wait to see them strut their stuff on the runway!