Friday, August 28, 2015

Ambitions, Dreams & Loving Life

You only live once, the new way to live life or is it the old? Maybe this was the drive to make Adam and Eve disobey God's orders. However, this is how I am choosing to live my life although, slightly more structured, I intend to take in every last breeze against my cheek, the smell of burning wood, the leaves that find their way to the ground. Most of us take simple little things like a breeze for granted so, my YOLO however, slightly different still takes on the meaning, "you only live once." This saying could be taken as a rather eerie sign that life does in fact have an end but, if we live in the "now," "the present" then we can live as if it is our last day on earth. Our generation or at least my generation has taken this meaning and have flown to exceed their expectations of what they find life to be. So, I ask you, are you living life in the moment or are you taking every breath, every season, and every second for granted?

Ambition: A strong desire to do or achieve something typically requiring determination and hard work.

Ambition, it may have a simple definition but, achieving ambition just as the definition says, is "...hard work."  My ambition is to be happy; Is this a difficult ambition to achieve? Yes and no, we are for the most part relatively happy people but, we get into little tiffs with ourselves wondering, " is this it?" Why do we keep wondering, " is this it?" Isn't this life enough?  My life is enough, it is how I chose to live it that will determine if I ever question, " is this it?" So, my ambition is to live my life to make me happy and to try to create a positive wave toward others. Happiness should be passed around like a virus quickly only this time you want the happiness virus to last. I will leave you with a great message from a talented musician and this time really listen and absorb what the song is trying to tell you.

They help us to shape our goals in life. I feel that dreams whether day dreaming, dreaming in your sleep, or focusing on goal you would like to accomplish; we fell that dreams keep us motivated to our goals or set a standard of how we want to live. Dreaming is an amazing place to be it is living inside your imagination planning your life out although, there are many people who do not continue to follow their dreams; there are others that use those dreams to push toward reality. As the picture above says, " I intend to keep moving in a positive direction towards my dream."

Loving Life,

How I intend to live my life with greatest ambitions possible, dreams I am willing to reach, and life that I absolutely love! How do you intend to live your life and lead your life?

                      Thank you for reading and I hope you are enjoying my new blog layout!

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