Friday, July 3, 2015

How To DIY On $0 Pinterest Week

This week is 4th Of July themed Pinterest week and as an up and coming YouTuber I have to be careful and stay on budget because my Channel isn't making money right now. I decided to see if I could do Pinterest Week on a budget of $0 and it was accomplished!! Now how did I do it you ask? Magic, No haha I searched my house and Brittani ( who is featured on my channel for 100 days of summer segment) searched hers. We were able to come up with all the materials we needed between the both of us. So, if you are looking to do DIY's just shop within your house, neighbors, parents, friends house and you will most likely find what you are looking for. Of course, ask permission or ask around about certain items. Right now I am trying to find corks which weirdly almost no one has.

What We Were Able To Find:
old pencil
mason jar
blue sand
mod podge
old shirt
thread & needles
paper plates
glue gun
glue for glue gun
Ice Tea
I think that is everything!
If you search you should find a lot of different items! I hope you are enjoying our 4th of July themed Pinterest week! Please do not forget to check out my YouTube Channel Like and Subscribe if you enjoy the videos.
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