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Jurassic World To A Viewer + Giveaway

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My Thoughts About Movies:
I got the rare opportunity to go to the movies with my brothers and parents which never happens. with tickets at around $16 /3D movies I never go but, with a free treat I was thrilled that we were going to see Jurassic World. I just have to add that minimum wage is $8.35 in New Jersey which means an average paid worker would have to work two hours to afford their movie ticket. There were five of us so, the tickets would be around $80 which would equal almost ten hours of work at minimum wage, to be able to see one movie. As the expense is great we have high expectations for the movie which almost ever met these expectations. The best series I saw in the movies was Harry Potter which exceeded my expectations and made it worth the $8-$11 that was spent on each movie.

Jurassic World Vs. Jurassic Park:
As the movie begins and we all place the 3D glasses on our face, our mind wonders to what our eyes are going to embrace as we journey through the movie, and we compare everything to Jurassic Park. It is human nature to ridicule, and compare our experiences in the movies especially with such a series as Jurassic Park. Jurassic Park brought us into the world of dinosaurs and the dream of being able to open a park where every one could experience this. However, as one may deduct the dinosaurs weren't so, happy to be here and rightly so. Imagine being taken off the earth today and placed back on it 20 billion years from now, not the most appealing visual. Jurassic Park really brought a whole new meaning to the word dinosaur and for that experience I feel many people throughout the world are grateful. Jurassic World has the same concept of Jurassic Park and, is in fact on the same island. As I was watching the movie I was waiting for that moment that usual come in movies where I was wowed and I wasn't. I was expecting so much more and was disappointed when that "so much" became so little. Viewing the movie in 3D was good in some parts of the movie and I did enjoy feeling like I was part of the movie but, it was wasted a bit throughout the movie with scenes that I feel weren't that important. The plot was horrible it was sporadic and I felt it was a bit corny. This is not a movie in which the acting was on point which would have been ok with me if there was more to do with the dinosaurs. I feel they dropped the ball in capturing the essence of what "Jurassic World" was truly about. The dinosaurs were alright and the dinosaur that got out was not as spectacular as what I imagined it to be. I was happy they made it an actual park yet it was a little pointless. If I had to chose between which movie really captivated me and had the wow moments, it would be Jurassic Park.

What would I recommend to make Jurassic World A better Movie:
Get an original plot and don't take the one from Jurassic Park and reinvent it and then not improve it. The plot was one of the main problems of the movie and it could have been amazing if they changed it a bit. The acting in the movie wasn't the best which I think also, stems from the plot being cheesy. Comical relief is always appreciated in a movie but, not at the expense of drawing the audience out of the movie feeling like they are in there seats. As a film maker I would imagine that they want the audience to feel an out of body experience, enthralled in what Jurassic World is. The out of body experience was lacking and I didn't feel as if I fully left the movie theater and was venturing into Jurassic World. The dinosaur that got lose and was killing everything I didn't find extremely impressive and it was unrealistic that it had a constant source of energy. Animals eventually tire and do need to rest and it was odd that this traveled so quickly and wasn't fatigued at all.

I did enjoy the movie overall and would give it 3.5 out of 5 stars as it was lacking a grasp on the plot. 3D is the way to watch this movie because you do feel as if you are a part of the movie. I would recommend going to see it with caution about the plot and acting. This is also, bringing back an iconic story that I might never get to experience in theaters ever again.

I hope you enjoyed the review and see Jurassic World as I am sure you will enjoy it to an extent.

What I wore to the movies:
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