Thursday, June 4, 2015

My Services On Etsy & Coupon Code

Ciao Tutti,
I have some really excited news to share with all of you!!
I have just launched my Online Style Concierge & Online Stylist Concierge service! I also, have something new coming and you will be the ones to hear about it first!! I will be setting up a go with me anywhere Online stylist concierge service. If you have questions about an outfit you put together or need help deciding on what jacket looks best on you I am here! My hours will of course change and you will get a text if I am on vacation but, for the most part I am yours! It will range in price from one week to a month of sending me pictures of your outfits etc. I am basically your stylist and personal shopper all in one. I will of course update my schedule for each month to let my clients know when to send me their pictures. I am so excited about it and I can not wait!! For now you can check out my Online Stylist Concierge & Online Stylist Concierge Services!
See you all on My Etsy Store!!

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