Sunday, May 31, 2015

Milkless Chocolate Bar Review

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Let's get into taste testing!!

-Milkless is a vegan chocolate bar company

Lets start with my favorite bar which is the premium dark semisweet chocolate. It tastes exactly like chocolate and was the only one that I actually finished. I devoured this chocolate which I was surprised because when I wasn't vegan I strongly disliked dark chocolate. I would recommend putting the chocolate in the freezer it is one of my favorite things to do with chocolate. All three bars were gone within in a three week period of time. I was so sad when I didn't have anymore because I liked to have a piece throughout the week when I was craving chocolate. It is not inexpensive chocolate so, I did make the three bars of chocolate last as long as possible. I only wish I knew not to get the variety pack then I would have just gotten the semisweet. Now you can save yourselves from get the combo!!

The other two chocolates were not worth it at all. They tasted like straight up sugar and I have it in the freezer just sitting there because I could not stand the taste. I was so disappointed because the looks and tastes like milk chocolate did not taste like milk chocolate at all. Milk chocolate used to be my absolute favorite chocolate you could imagine my taking my first bite and immediately was sad about the taste. All I can compare it to is like eating pure sugar that doesn't taste quite right. If you were wondering if I only had one bite I did not... I tried both the white and "milk" chocolate several times and did not enjoy anyone of those bites. I do not recommend getting either one of these flavors. Still trying to figure out how to use these chocolate bars so they do not got to waste.

About the Product

  • Milk / Lactose Free
  • Peanut / Nut Free
  • Gluten / Egg Free
  • Vegan Friendly. Contains Soy.
  • Great Tasting!
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