Friday, May 29, 2015


Ciao Tutti,

I screened two movies on Netflix for you all and they were quite interesting to say the least..... Here's the review


Heart Of The Country 3 out of 5 stars
Rating: PG
The movies whole purpose is a good one but, there is a lot left to be desired. The plot moves quickly and they leave a lot out. In some ways I am thinking what is the purpose of the movie and there is a character that didn't even need to be in the movie.


The main character marries a man in New York and kicks her dreams of singing to the curb. He gets arrested for fraud and she goes back home to her dad. She hadn't been there in four years and her sister who is married with children is upset at her for being gone for so long, or at least that's what I got out of it. Her mom had passed away awhile ago ( an important part of the movie). The main character is living with her dad who is trying to help her situation with her husband who he has never met. She runs into a guy who she was friendly with when they were younger. I think you see where this is going. Her dad has a hear attack finds out he has cancer. I think it is brain cancer but don't quote me on that. Anyway, he needs to see the best doctor for his form of cancer that happens to be in NYC where she was living with her husband Luke. In the mean time Luke got out on bail because his father is wealthy and he comes from a prestigious group. The lawyer gets Luke to take a plea deal which his brother and father weren't happy about but, all of a sudden everything is great and there one big happy family. Faith the main character asks Luke if he can get her father in to see the specialist and he does what he can. Since his name has just be dragged through the mud he can't get her the appointment. But, her dad does get the appointment so who got him the appointment? Plot twister the guy from Faith's childhood is a doctor and he did his residency with this doctor..... he did not get the appointment Luke's brother ends up getting Faith's dad the appointment. It was so pointless to mention that the guy had residency with the doctor if he wasn't going to come to her rescue. Before NYC we learn the friend doctor was in the ambulance when Faith's mother died before he became a doctor. The dad doesn't like him and makes an effort to keep him from coming between Faith and Luke. While in NYC Faith goes to meet Luke and finds a girl in his apartment however, he was not cheating. They go back to South Carolina I think and have Faith's Dad's birthday. Luke shows up just as the doctor was about to give something to Faith. I just don't understand why they included him at all it just didn't make sense. So her Dad dies and the movie ends with her and Luke in South Carolina her talking to her father and mother's grave about her baby because she is pregnant.


Do you feel like you've seen the movie in all of my jumbled story telling? You will have to watch it yourself but, that is the basics of how the movie goes down. It was not a life changing movie and not one that I would watch again but, it was ok. Also, so annoyed they played up her singing because she doesn't even sing in the end. Luke didn't hear the music... So disappointed! If watch the movie you will get my last reference. Overall not thrilling....

Like Water For Chocolate 5 out of 5 stars
Rating: R

This movie is freaking crazy which is why I will not be giving it a narration. You have to see this craziness for yourself. The ending was so good yet so bad because all you are thinking is "really".. If you want Cinderella/soap opera/war/ adultery/ ghosts this is your jam!! It has an amazing amount of nudity and unexpected twist and turns. I couldn't stop watching because who knows what was going to happen next. This love story will hold your attention and keep you on the edge wondering what is going on... For warning this is not your average love story. It is a must see in my book and you will not be sorry. The movie is also, in Spanish so if you do not speak Spanish you can read the English subtitles. I wish I spoke Spanish because in languages there is usually a word that does not have its equivalent in another language. Enjoy!!

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