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Sweet Spot Minis Vegan Dounts Review

Ciao Tutti,

I was lucky enough to find Kelly the owner of Sweet Spot Minis in Pueblo West, Co and she agreed to send me her vegan donut minis to try! I was so excited considering I have been vegan for about five months and am wanting to expand my knowledge of stores that sell vegan treats! As always, I have two reviews for you one on YouTube and of course the one I am currently writing. I hope you enjoy this sweet treat!

My favorite thing to do is listen to music while writing so I thought you all might enjoy some sugar/candy themed songs.
Kelly was gracious enough to send me three types of vegan mini donuts. Red Velvet, CinnaBun, and Peanut Butter Hookup Vegan Minis.

The packaging that the donuts were sent in was adorable and eco-friendly! I applaud anyone who takes the environment into consideration when sending a package. Kelly also, included a little round information sheet which is very helpful if you would like to reorder or give information to your friends. It came in one of those hot and cold bag with an ice pack which was perfect because I picked it up from my P.O. Box. The actual packaging of the vegan mini donuts was perfect with a plastic container which the donuts fit perfectly. The container had a small rope tied around it and when opening it up there was wrap so that the donuts were kept safe while being transported. One of my favorite features was the bottom of the container that had the name of all three of the donuts as well as, the ingredients.
Overall presentation was very cute! I loved the way the donuts looked and smelled as you opened the container. I was biting at the bit to try them but, I actually had to wait a day to do the tasting because I wanted Brittani a non-vegan to try them as well. The donuts were placed in a neutral colored holder. I think the neutral holder was a great idea as to not take away from the donuts.
My Opinion:
The minis are very dense and can be split into eighths. Eating a fourth of the donut was a challenge because they are dense and you only need a small amount to satisfy you. Which is great because the donuts last for 30 days frozen, more for you!!
Taste Test Review:
Red Velvet- I mention in the video that I have never liked red velvet cake and these donuts are the only red velvet that I have enjoyed eating. The thing that made me give it a 3 out of 5 on the video was because I am not a fan of icing and I did not care for the icing with the donut. The actual donut though, I would give a 4 out 5 the little chips within the donut really sold me!
Donut overall *** out of *****
Donut **** out of *****
Icing *** out of *****
CinnaBun- Was my second favorite donut and I enjoyed the actual overall flavor of the donut. If you are a cinnamon fan you will love this donut! Brittani compared it to the cinnamon poptart for non-vegans and it does taste very similar so, it is a great alternative if you were addicted to poptarts or actual Cinnamon Buns.
Donut overall **** out of *****
Donut **** out of *****
Icing ( I was still not a huge fan but I liked it better than the red velvet combo with icing)
**** out of *****
Peanut Butter Hookup: When they say hookup they are not kidding I would like to be hooked up again with this donut. I was my absolute favorite! The combination of the flavored peanut butter icing with the chocolate donut as I said in the video was perfection. This donut is gone from my fridge because it was everyone's favorite! If you are having cravings for chocolate this is the perfect donut for you because one bit will satisfy your craving. If you are a women and still get period craving you have just hit the number one jackpot! If you do not enjoy the taste of peanut butter this is not for you but, all the chocolate and peanut butter lovers dig in because you are in for a real treat! This icing is done right and I would order these again in a heartbeat!
Donut overall ***** out of *****
Donut ***** out of *****
Icing ***** out of *****
This was a great experience and I am so glad that I contacted Kelly. Kelly, thank you for sending your yummy vegan mini donuts my way and I can not wait to order more! All Sweet Spot Mini's store information will be linked below. I hope you all enjoyed these review and can't wait to share more hidden treats with you!

SweetSpotMinis' Shop Announcement

Hello Everyone...Our vegan donut minis make a perfect gift! They're great to bring along to family get togethers, parties, or just as a treat to yourself. If Minis are not gobbled down first thing...they freeze beautifully for up to 30 days!

Welcome to our little bake shop! We are a Small Batch Bakery... meaning, all the vegan desserts we sell, we create, from scratch. Please take some time to look at our delectable Plant based, Egg-Free, Dairy-Free, Animal, and Cruelty Free - Menu of Mini Donuts and treats.

Sweet Spot Minis...A little Vegan Bakery...Bound and determined to show people that vegan looks and tastes good!

Donuts are life's little treasures...They just make you feel good the minute you take the first bite. We bake all our minis from scratch and decorate each one with love and compassion.

Our donuts are cake donuts, preservative free and always vegan/plant-based. Our ingredients and donuts are Dairy, Egg, Animal, & Cruelty Free!

We bake vegan/plant-based because we have compassion for all the earths creatures, for our environment, and for our health!

We are very conscious of our planet! Our Minis are packaged in Eco-Friendly recycled bakery boxes, wrapped in an Earth Friendly(recyclable) Flap & Seal bags, to preserve the freshness of our minis on their travels, and we use eco friendly packing materials. We package in materials that are made here in the USA!

PLEASE NOTE - When the Minis are shipped, they WILL CONTAIN LESS Buttercream Frosting, than shown in Photos. We do this to Ensure that the Minis arrive to you with as much on top as when they left our hands :)
We aim to create our minis the same way every time...but due to the variance in ingredients, photos, and computer screens, your order may not look exactly as pictured.

**PLEASE DO TAKE NOTICE - ALL of our mini donuts are baked in a
facility that uses gluten, wheat, soy, peanuts, and tree nuts. **WE CAN BAKE ANY OF OUR DONUTS GLUTEN FREE, but please be aware WE DO NOT BAKE IN A GLUTEN FREE FACILITY, SO THERE IS ALWAYS RISK FOR CROSS CONTAMINATION**
Please just Convo us if you need any special dietary needs:)

If you live in the Pueblo Proper area and would like your donuts delivered/picked up... in place of paying shipping... use promo code LOCALPUEBLO when checking out. PLEASE LET US KNOW IF YOU WANT TO HAVE YOUR MINIS PICKED UP OR DELIVERED **THERE IS A $5.00 DELIVERY CHARGE**


In the end...these little dainty's are the best...and everyone deserves a treat now and than...and why not one that is SWEET...MINI...VEGAN!
Try us out...we fancy you might like a mini :)
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Have an enlightening and adventurous day!!

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