Sunday, April 19, 2015

Fire Pit Essentials

Ciao Tutti,
Spring is here and summer is coming and what is everybody's favorite thing to do at night in the summer? Of course to have friends and family over but, most importantly have a fire pit! Fire pits are one of my favorite things to do in the summer and I have a checklist at what you will need for one....

My Fire Pit Checklist:
1. A Fire Pit- If you do not have a fire pit then you are out of luck! My mom and I built one last summer and it was a lot cheaper than building one. I suggest going to Home Depot getting everything you need and recruit some friends to help you build it.

                                       My Lost Footage Of Putting The Fire Pit Together:

Error occurred when trying to upload this into my editing system so this is raw footage.
2. You need fire wood / twigs/ something to start the fire with

3. Everything needed for S'MORES!!!

4. Music Playlist is key! I love putting Summer Hits of the 90s Radio on Pandora.
5. I love having comfy clothing and warm when we are around the fire pit. In the summer the temperature drops at night and I wear my favorite sweats....

                                                                    Favorite Hat

                                                              My Favorite Sweater!!!

Write in the comments below and tell me what your essentials are for fire pits. Tag me on instagram or twitter with your favorite fire pit picture!!!

Have an enlightening and adventurous day!!

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