Friday, April 17, 2015

Weirdest Video I'm Obessed With

                                                    Weirdest Video I'm Obsessed With!
Ciao Tutti,
So, this video post isn't really that weird but, I have watched it over ten times. Every time I'm on YouTube and watching Freelee The Banana Girl I can't help myself. Maybe it's the sushi, maybe it's the pizza but, all I know id I want to eat everything in the video!! I think this summer is going to be a food testing summer (hint, hint).. Watch this video and your mouth will water at the thought of eating the pizza in it!! Everything looks so good! Hope you enjoy the video as much as I do.....
                                                               Happy watching~

Vegan/ raw till 4 universe, tell me you did not want to reach through the screen and eat everything. Maybe trying to recreate these foods... Hope you all are enjoying your day. It is a bit dreary and rainy here and I am about to get to the continuation of cleaning my room. Eating or should I say drinking my delicious date smoothie, yum!! I may be able to get some video footage of tonight; I am going to bingo with a friend and her dad so, that should be a lot of fun. I love bingo! I hope I can find my battery charger it is somewhere hidden in the depths of my room.. good luck to me finding it! It actually shouldn't be too difficult because I started cleaning already.

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Have an enlightening and adventurous day!!

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