Saturday, March 21, 2015

Gym Member?!

Ciao Tutti,
It is official I am currently a gym member as of today. I am getting myself back into shape! This week has been so fun working out with my workout buddy/ friend Brittani. I was able to get a little gym footage for you with a little help from my friend. You all know I actually like working out and try to do new and exciting workouts and that is why I am very excited because there are workout classes which I am so pumped to get started on. It is so fun to meet new people in those classes as well as, get a new and exciting workout instead of the same old thing. I can't wait to get you new footage of my workouts and progress every week. I m hoping that I will have one day a week where I self reflect on my workouts and week.. This might kick start a whole video series, we shall see! But, in the mean time I love putting content out for you all. Please let me know what you would like to chat about in the comments below. I want to hear what you want advice on, tips, or a subject you just want to hear more about!! If you want a video regarding a topic, look etc.. make sure to post a comment on my YouTube Video. I respond back to everyone that leaves a comment! I think I am going to do gym looks of the week for all of you and some tips with hair, body odor, skincare, and more! Can't wait to get started with Strong Is The New Skinny! Oh, and big news I have a P.O. Box now that I will link below if any of you want to send me letters or products that you want me to try from your business. I love promoting new and upcoming businesses so, feel free to send me a product and I will include it in a review, look book, or every day wear.

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Hey guys my friend Paul has a great blog and reviewed the movies Godzilla and Edge of Tomorrow! I enjoyed Paul's perspectives of the movies and thought he captured how the audience was feeling while watching them. Check out the link and let me know in the comments below what you thought of his reviews.

Paul's Review:

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