Friday, February 13, 2015

Big Gestures Only On Valentine's Day

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I hope everyone has some sort of fun plans this weekend! Whether it's staying in and watching a movie or going out have fun! But, why are gifts and gestures only important on Valentine's Day? Are we all just sucked into the ways of society? Why can't you celebrate your love of  life, your life, or family. I think gestures are such an important part of relationships and not just romantic relationships but, your relationship with friends and family. Gestures out of the blue are worth more than a dozen roses on Valentine's Day. Some simple gestures that do not cost anything are opening doors, cooking a meal, or watching a movie that you wouldn't normal watch. Gestures should be given all year round and should be given by both people in the relationship. Here are some items I think that are gesture worthy all year round!
Most women love jewelry! Unique jewelry is always fun to receive and shows that you have taken the time to get to know her taste. Check out my friend's jewelry on Esty.

Make him or her their favorite dinner or dessert you can even cook/ bake together.
This may be a really weird gift if you are not a blogger or YouTuber but, if you are this is a fun gift for you. Making banners can be time consuming or a pain in the
butt if you have no idea how to make one! Give them the gift of a banner.
Stunnerbabe15 on YouTube has an Esty business which she make banners.
Planning to getaway for a little bit but don't know where you are going to go or how to afford it.....
Plan your trip with Groupon or living social
They both have close or long distance getaways and for less expense!
Image result for groupon
Image result for living social
Write a love letter or a letter from your heart..
Find something your loved one likes to do and surprise them with it!
Image result for broadway theater
Image result for salsa dancing
There are so many more things for you to chose from but make sure they like the activity!
Don't get stuck in a Valentine's Day rut plan something on different months and be spontaneous.
Take control of when you want to show your love of a significant other, family member, or friend.
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