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10 back to class musts Organized Chaos

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I have many things I bring with me to classes especially being there for 12 hour hours. If you are at school almost all day and have time in-between classes then you will love this list! I hope you are eagerly awaiting my Valentine's Day themed two weeks! Of course there is still a week left so leave me comments of what you want me to talk about.

10 back to classes must:

1. Fun sticky notes, and tape: This is perfect to color coordinate your agenda. Pick colors for when projects, homework, tests, finals, midterms. Then pick other colors or tapes for appointments, work schedule and more. If you are organized to begin with you will feel much better and go further.

2. Healthy Snacks & Lunches: School food can be really unhealthy and when your brain needs to be feed you don't want it to cloudy. Take advantage of fridges, stoves, and local marts or grocery stores. I will link some YouTube videos that have to do with eating healthy. If you are bringing food to classes with you take a smaller closer that can fit in your backpack. This is especially helpful if you are eating raw till4.

3. Erasable board: I use my erasable board almost everyday it helps to keep me organized. Writing down your intention for the day helps you to remember your priorities. If you are a freshmen in your first year of college it can be hard to prioritize. So, if you are having trouble evening out your social life and academic life, write what you need to do on your board. The example below is completely made up but if you have things you have to accomplish before hanging out do them. You will feel stress free and ready to party or hang with friends.
Workout 6 am
Get Ready 6:40 am
Study 7:30 am
Classes from 9 am-3pm
homework 4pm
dinner 6pm
party 10pm

4. A Binder/ Notebook: Depending upon your classes you are going to want a five subject notebook you can keep 2-3 class notes in one. They also have folders which makes less "stuff" to carry when you are walking from class to class. If you have a class with an extraordinary amount of hand outs then you may want a binder. A binder will contain everything and organize it for you. Do not forget to get a hole puncher and a folder. The folder will be good for anything that gets handed back that was graded.

5. Laptop, Ipad: This may seem obvious to have, but it really will help you!! You can work in-between classes and relax. But, work first! I really mean work work find something internet based that you can do and make money off of while waiting for class to start. Because who doesn't love making money while in class? Some suggestions would be posting pictures on Ebay that you are selling, Poshmark, Blogging, Vlogging, ebooks, advice columns, product reviews and so much more. Make that cash money that will pay for the lecture that you are currently sitting in. After you have worked do your class work, homework etc. And then if you have time after that sit back and relax to a movie, tv show, or some YouTube videos.

6. Old Fashion Entertainment: Reading is one of my favorite things to do when waiting for a class about 30 minutes before it begins. It gives you a great amount of time to dive into the book and go through a few chapters depending upon the length. Bring a sketch pad, knitting, or crocheting. If you have a store on Etsy or your own store bring items to make while you are waiting. Make the most of your time is very important.

7. Clothing: Have your clothes picked out everyday which will save you a lot of time either in the morning or afternoon. When you are bringing clothing to school make sure to include essentials and then some bolder looks. Most people wear sweats, but I think that looking nice really helps you feel your best throughout the day. Make sure to give yourself enough time if you want to do your hair and makeup.

8.  Working Out: It is so important to stay active. Enroll in your school gym or take a class that is offered. Workout with friends or create a workout group. If your major is personal training you can host some classes and if you are by the beach host some beach classes. If you are able to charge a small sum, who doesn't want to get paid to workout?! That could be a great part time job and will help you to keep fit. This also, enables you to get in the practice of teaching classes.

9. You Time: It can get a little overwhelming to live with many people so, make sure to set aside time for yourself. Do something that you love to do and don't feel like you have enough time to do. Whether you dedicate 20 minutes or an hour it is you time.

10. Keep up with all of your class work. With all of these tips this should be easy to do. Remember to walk into class each day with a positive attitude even if you aren't feeling it. I know it is hard to stay engaged in what a professor is saying especially if a class is 3 hours long or longer. If you are able to bring a tape recorder with you in case you have to get up for a break or miss some important details. It is very useful to be able to go back and listen to parts of the lecture. Remember you are investing time into your future and that is why you have decided to take that particular class. Do not waste money or time because you are bored. Bored is such a frivolous word especially when someone is talking to you. If you are having trouble paying attention and are becoming "bored" follow along with your textbook, and take notes within the textbook. You can even make flashcards while you are in the class. Stay alert and do not forget to stay hydrated!! You can get restless leg from being dehydrated so carry around water with you.

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