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Screened ( Orginial Amazon Series)

Ciao Tutti,
I am Screened so many movies and TV Shows for you I can't wait for you to read about them all!! But, today I can across original TV Series' that are going to be chosen by Amazon to continue on Amazon Prime. If you do not have Amazon Prime I will put a link and ad below so you can get a 30 day trail. I watched 4 pilots that I can't wait to share with you.

Spoiler Alert!!!!

1. Salem Rodgers: It is a comedy about Salem Rodgers a former model who gets put into rehab and stays 10 years. The rehab was so sick of her the hatched a plan to pretend to shut down the rehab in order to make Salem live. Salem heads back to L.A. to reclaim her once famous super model status and comes to find that her career is washed away. Not wanting to find another path she enlists more like "forces" her former assistants help to reclaim her fame.
The pilot is the only episode so far and I think it has potential. It is not as funny as I would hope for, but I think that may come when we get to know the characters.
Star rating **** 4 out of 5 stars

 Down Dog: With Josh Casaubon as the male lead everyone wants a piece of him. And that is how he gets by in life until his girlfriend decides she no longer wants to put up with his childish behavior. The male lead has found his love of yoga and decides he will continue to run the yoga studio; the only problem is, that he has no idea how to run a business and no one believes in him. He decides to stand up and take charge of his life. Where this will lead him we don't know but, I would sure like to watch more. I see this being a relatable story line and with the funny narrator every so often chiming in they might have a hit.
Star rating **** 4 out of 5 stars

 Period Of Honor: Taking place during the Civil War. The plot is pretty complicated so I will do you a favor and just give you the jest of the show. This family lives in Virginia they own slaves and then their brother decides they should free the slaves. The family is not completely happy with his decision because it puts them in a bad place with town. They have a plantation and have to earn money by selling their crops or they will slowly start to loose land. Their brother leaves the Union because he decides it is not honorable to fight against his own state. Although, he does not want to fight for the Union he is not fighting for the Confederate side either. So, him and his father rally up their own crew to fight against the Union that is planning an attack on Virginia. Here is where the plot gets really good One of the sisters of the family is married to a Yankee who was fighting with her brother in the Union until her brother left. Her husband hoping that fighting against Virginia would end the war quickly did not realize that was the case. The brother and fathers "rebel army" plan an attack on the Union army that they saw earlier that day. Some Union soldiers end up dead and the father and one other members of the "rebel army" are killed. Of course this is conflicting to the brother and the husband because they are essentially fighting for the same thing in a different way. Earlier the salves were freed which was quite a touching part, but while everyone is fighting someone takes one of the slaves who was freed because the agreement to sell her happened the week before. That was a sad part.
Altogether I thought it was excellent and engaging. I did get confused at one part because I didn't realize the brother was fighting in the Union. I understood that the family wanted to protect the state of Virginia, but it seemed counter productive to me. If you like these kinds of TV shows you are sure to love this pilot.
Star rating ***** 5 out of 5

4. Just Add Magic: Every girls dreams will come true in this thrilling magical show. But be warned it is a creepy and chilling in some parts. If you have a daughter between the ages of 5 and 11 she will absolutely enjoy this pilot. I am going to let it speak for itself and not tell you about the plot but I will leave you with this. Never Judge A Book By It's Cover their are always consequences for your actions and you must be willing to pay the price.
It is very cute and even at 20 I enjoyed it. They also, left a cliffhanger at the end.
Star rating ***** 5 out of 5

I hope you all get to enjoy these pilots. Let me know what you think about them in the comments below!!

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