Friday, January 16, 2015

#SITNS Salad Chit-Chat & local review

Ciao Tutti,
As we all know salads are the main go to for people who do not know or research a
Vegan lifestyle. The amount of times I have heard you can always have a salad is a joke and I have only been rawtill4 for about a week.. So, what do they mean you can always have a salad? The salad "they" or society is referring to consists of only iceberg lettuce, carrots, and cucumber. Well can you explain how that will fill me and what dressing you expect me to eat. Oh yeah that's right you can't have dairy well you can always eat it dry. Yeah none of that appeals to me. The reason I am going into a semi rant is to tell you, you have the option to put whatever you want in your salad. A choice? Choice is an ingenious invention where we control what we do. Fabulous I am allowed to make whatever salad I want and put whatever I want into it. So yesterday I did just that and it was delicious. Mom treated me to lunch at lettuce for life and of course in our style had a Groupon. So we also saved some cash by using a Groupon. My salad was delicious and it was the first time I had to ask if the croutons and dressing was vegan. They we so nice and checked for me and yay I could have both. At Lettuce For Life you can create your own salad however you want and of course because you made it, you love it!

That is a salad if I ever seen one!! Look at the amazing colors and how much is in the salad! It was very delicious and guess what? I didn't even have to get iceberg lettuce that has almost no nutritional value.
My order:
Mixed Greens
Mini Tomatoes
Dried Cranberries
And avocado Dressing
This is the first time I have ever had avocado dressing before and it was delicious. I actually think they could have added a little more because it was so well mixed in that the flavor just absorbed into the salad. It was quite nice and the salad was saturated in dressing making it difficult to eat. I had them chop my salad and then add in the croutons so they stayed in their form. 
I think my salad cost $4 and it was a large!! It cost extra for proteins, and nuts but I didn't get any of that on my salad. So $4 for all of that is amazing!!! I will link the groupons below for lettuce for life so, you can also enjoy a yummy salad. Oh and get this, they now make burritos! Holler! I can not wait to make myself a bean and rice burrito soon. I was thrilled when I walked in and saw that on the counter because I don't think out of the cooked food on their menu that I can have any. I counted two things on their online menu that I can have which is better than Panera's choices. I have been eating salads from this place since the summer and would be more than happy to try some cooked food. Great experience and I can not wait to go back.
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