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Food Journal #SITNS

Food Blog #SITNS Day One 1/6/14

So my attempt at Raw failed a little bit it was not a complete fail, but it wasn’t a big success either…


8 oz of water

Woke up at 10:30

Ate 11:30 Breakfast & Lunch:

Homemade smoothie ½ pineapple bag ½ mango bag blended with about .75 liters of water

Here is where I went wrong I wasn’t prepared and didn’t have enough sustainable fruit…

I was so hungry at 3:00 pm:

I broke raw till 4 because obviously I didn’t eat enough fruit…

Some fries baked & Onion/Potato Pierogis

I broke down and had two pieces of chocolate… :/ Think it is a period craving (usually get 1-2 weeks before I get my period. Need an alternative). I am a chocolateholic so, it is going to be hard to kick the habbit.

8:30 pm:

We ordered Chinese food keeping too raw till 4

General Taos Tofu with broccoli

White Rice

Steamed Vegetable dumplings (They were very good)

That was it for the day I also, had tea and water throughout the day. I will try to be more specific in my posting throughout the week. I am writing this a day later so, it is hard to remember.


Day two: 1/7/15

Woke up at 9:30 am ( I am working on establishing 7 am as my wake up time because I would like to go to bed a little earlier than 12 or 1).


16 oz. of water

½ banana

11 am breakfast : ½ bag mango, ½ bag pineapple, a cup of strawberries ( all frozen) made a smoothie

Of course got hungry and had a kind bar (better choice than chocolate, but still not 100% sticking to raw till 4). Of course in my head I was trying to discourage myself from doing this, but the hunger monster took over. I have established I need to have fruit at my supply and visible to eat. Of course all our bananas were gone soo yea not happy about that.


4:25 Had leftovers from the night before

General Taos Tofu with broccoli

White Rice

2 Steamed Vegetable Dumplings

The serving size for everything was a lot smaller than last night, so not to my surprise I was still hungry.

About 10 minutes after eating that food I had the miso soup I ordered last night intended for tonight

Then another 15-20 minutes went by and I had a large salad with lemon, pepper, and salt as the dressing. I am trying with the not adding salt to items, but I figured I would do this in slow increments. It seems that my body may need the salt in situation when my blood pressure drops. I find this happens when working out and overheating. I now drink electrolyte water when doing high intensity activities and it keeps my body from getting dizzy. I am hoping that this will stop once I am actually living the raw till 4 lifestyle correctly.

I was hungry at about 9:15 pm and I decided to bake two sweet potatoes. One is white the other is orange. I am currently eating them now at 10 and probably started at 9:50 pm. I am eating them with a little bit of ketchup which I thought would be better than butter. Please write in the comments if you have vegan alternatives for dipping your potatoes.

This is my last meal of the night and I feel much more satisfied now that I am consuming the potatoes. I hope to really get this down by Saturday in two days because I have a photo shoot coming up and I would like to lose about 5 pounds. I am not beating that into my head however, if I lose the weight great if not, at least I am doing something about it.

I was not able to work out both of these days I was on a huge listing binge. I listed like 200 or more items in the past two days along with, working on a project that I have sold already and will be available to purchase on Etsy soon. Amazon took over my life a little bit, but I am defiantly ready to get back into working out. Tomorrow it is my goal to work out in the morning and finish cleaning my room.

My list of To-Dos For 1/8/15:

Morning Read Of Freelee’s Ebook

Morning Workout


Room Cleaning

Listing on Ebay

Clean both bathrooms

Vacuum Living room

( This is what I hope to accomplish tomorrow, but do not hold myself at a loss if it does not all get done).

My Goals For 1/8/15:

Positive Thoughts

Focus On Health Not Weight

Continue To Get Informed By Freelee for Raw Till 4

Find items for shoes and for project


OOTHD ( On Instagram, Blog)

At least One Book Sold On My Amazon Storefront

Figure out fit solutions for my Valentine’s Photo Shoot Outfits (Order undergarments if needed)

Always end my day asking God what he would like me to do the next day as it is in his hands…

Ok I think that is it for today that you for reading and I hope you are enjoying my journal entries for #SITNS. And I am about to dive into Freelee’s ebook, and then after I usually fall asleep to IT’s All About Amy or The Only Way Is Essex. They can both be found on Hulu.

Nighty Night…

1/8/14 So today was a Success Raw Till 4 !! I need to eat more with both raw and cooked because I am defiantly hungrier at night. I also, didn’t eat much until about 2:45-3 pm which is wayyy too late!! I crammed in as much as I could in an hour as you will see below. I also, went shopping, so I am really trying to commit myself! Ok here it is…

10:30 am 16 oz of water

11 am One Apple

Drank water and went shopping at about 1:55-2:30 pm

I will show you my haul in the video below! I was really excited to go to my local indoors farmer’s market to shop. My choices were all raw Till 4 helping myself to stay on track and focus on the bigger picture. I of course love to shop and I especially love to food shop! It is so fun to pick out what I am going to be consuming and actually have a choice. If I shop for myself I get to choose what is my body is going to consume and I am beyond grateful for that freedom. This freedom of choice is not one everyone has and that is why I acknowledge the ability to be able to do so. Ok so it here it comes my raw meal…


2:45- 3:00 pm I had strawberries although, out of season, these strawberries were on sale and in great shape. I enjoyed having “Summertime” fruit that wasn’t frozen. I had a carton and a half within this time. It is beyond obvious that I should’ve eaten much more than this by this time, but I really wanted to keep to the Raw Till 4 so I fasted a little bit until I could get some fruit. I will of course have to stock up on some canned fruit, so I am stocked up in case fresh fruit is too expensive or unavailable. I am learning from my mistakes and reading Freelee’s ebook to help educate myself. I have been watching her videos for almost two years I think and they have really informed me and helped me understand this lifestyle. I am basically done reading her ebook which makes me said because I really enjoyed it! I love learning on my own terms and continuing to educate myself.

4:15 pm half roll of bread

4:30 pm I had brown rice with baked eggplant, zucchini, and balsamic

7 pm 3 Dates

8:00 pm rest of roll of bread

I of course had more water and tea.

I accomplished a few things off of my goal list, but had a more chilled and relaxed day. It was about rejuvenating and resting. I watched two movies with my brother; they review on the movies will be up in my Screened postings. Right now I have Divergent on in the background and getting ready to go to bed. It is 11:14 pm. I will be sharing on a Poshmark party for a little bit and reading Freelee’s ebook. I feel pretty stratified and am defiantly ready to work out again. I am feeling a little weaker these days and I would not mind at all feeling strong again because tired is getting kind of old.  I am also, working on getting to bed earlier and getting up earlier. Not getting enough sleep may be the #1 cause of me feeling tired most of the day. We shall see, but for now sleep well and think positive thoughts.

Night Loves…

So woke up late again but that is because I got a broken sleep from our dog. We are each taking turns sleeping in the living room watching him because he hurt his tail. So of course he woke me up a few times. I had my alarm set for 9:30 am and got up at about 10:30 am… So that being said that began my eating…

11 am one glass of 8 oz Orange juice and Grapefruit

1-4 Date Smoothie 13 Dates had about half…..

I am writing to you at 4:40 pm I’m hungry and going to have some yellow bell peppers yumm!!

So I just read my cronometer and I under ate today like big time fortunately I still have another meal to pack it in!! I have eaten about 665.3 calories so I defiantly need to start eating more in the morning. Those smoothies take me a long time to drink because I am not use to it so, I am assuming when I get used to it I’m sure I’ll be able to smash down 1,000 calorie smoothies no problem. I actually really love having the brake down in everything to be able to see if I am eating enough in vitamins, protein etc…

So I had 3 steamed vegetable dumpling, vegetable lo mien, and bean curd general taos it was all yummy and will be posted on Foodie.. I am trying to figure out exactly how 80/10/10 works…  So I will have to researched what that means and how many calories, fat etc.. I am supposed to consume. Will let you all know when I find out.
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