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I am so excited to give you all some tips of how to eat when ordering out. I recently went to two places to give you an idea of what to pick from the menu. I did everywhere from healthy eating to vegan. Right now I am educating myself about a hclf vegan with Freelee The Banana Girl's ebook. I was more than thrilled when she said she was discounting her book to 50% off for 24 hours. I went to her storefront right away. With me just starting my career as a blogger and YouTubber as well as, my Amazon, Ebay, Poshmark, and Etsy business ventures. They are all starting to take off, but because they are so new I'm not where I would like to be finically. This is a worry for most people however, I am getting active and doing something about it. I am defiantly an entrepreneur trying to spin some ideas into businesses. I love that my mind has so many ideas which is a blessing and a curse because I am not at the stage where I can implement those ideas yet. Needless to stay, I was very glad Freelee had her ebook discounted. Unfortunately, I have to stop reading it to get my own business transactions/stuff done, and it is hard to put down; or in this case minimize. I can not stop reading her ebook because it is so informative and well worth the money. I am on pg. 35 and it is 108 pages! So glad I have so much to read and really get informed. If you have been reading my blog for awhile you know I have been struggling back and forth between raw till 4 and just eating as most would call it "regular food." I really feel good when I eat raw till 4 and wish I lived in the tropics all the time. I absolutely hate the cold weather!!! It snowed in N.J.  last night and however pretty it might be, I am well over the cold. I can not wait for Spring and Summer to arrive which is months away specifically, 4-5 months away depending on the weather. If I could find somewhere where the temperature stayed in the high 70s to the mid 80s I would be in paradise! I do not think such a perfect place exists... So right now I am going to start a journal like Freelee did and really dedicate myself to the raw till 4 movement. If I slip it will be written in my journal. I also, think I am going to be brave and post pictures of me throughout the transformation for you all to see my results. Eventually I will get on the scale just to find out my starting weight for transformation purposes. I look at myself in the mirror each day and think when I am going to be satisfied with myself mentally as well as, physical figure. Well I have started to say positive things to myself and it is working. It is no longer about the weight loss it is about my health and wellness. I will elaborate more in my journal #SITNS #RAWTILL4. I will be writing to myself everyday blogging what I have been eating and more. I will probably post either Mondays or Sundays all my journaling throughout the week. I think this is going to help me as well as, you all to see if rawtill4 is the journey you want to take for yourself.  Ok so without further ado, here are the healthier options I choose to eat within three days for dinner:
DAY 1:
I got take out from a local Restaurant called Fusha My mom actually ordered for me because I was pet and house sitting. She actually mistook the prices for how much I wanted so, she ended up getting two of everything... Whoops.. If I was actually eating Raw Till 4 I think the amount would have probably been under carbed.. 
My Order:


The Miso Soup
was super yummy & had tofu in it

They did not have steamed vegetable dumplings which was so disappointing.. my mom ordered me shrimp dumplings instead and I really would have preferred vegetable... ( If you are still eating fish this kind of dumpling is much healthier then fired. Opt of the steam dumplings with vegetables if available).

So yumm.. Craving this right now.... I did not eat all of this although, I probably should have. I ate maybe four pieces and I was done. I had the miso soup and dumplings before so, I was very full. The problem that I have is that after like 8p.m. about 3-4 hours after dinner depending I am very hungry and looking for something to munch on. I am assuming it is because I am under carbed and have not smashed in enough fruit during the day. Because I am still adjusting to the lifestyle I am learning how much I should be eating and my first meal of fruits should probably be a 1,000 calories. I am also, going to start working out again so the food isn't just sitting in my stomach. My "work day" consists of sitting a lot.. and I could be listing items for 4 hours or more at a time. Sitting for some long can cause back problems digestive problems etc.. especially if you are not working out at least 3-4 times a week. My goal for this week is 5 days because I really want to keep my body healthy and active. I used to watch a show and every time someone said something or did something on my chart I would do the workout for that particular saying etc. I will try to et back into that because that was a really great workout. I am also, going to be starting the Love Your Body Challenge from TIU which is absolutely free and very motivating. Tone It Up has a great community that is very motivating. If you haven't signed up yet I will post the link down below because it is a great jump start and workouts aren't easy. But as always, you can take them at your own pace. You my not be on the same strength level yet and it may take a few months or a couple of weeks to gain the strength to be able to complete those workouts. It is 1 p.m. I woke up at 10:30 a.m. this morning which is entirely too late and am currently enjoying a mango/pineapple smoothie. I vlogged it so as soon as I edit it I will link it below. I do not think this smoothie is 1,000 calories and I am going to eventually get a hold of how much I have to drink in a smoothie to accomplish this. If you are having any intestine blocking smoothies are for you. This defiantly clears out your system. Unfortunately, pineapples and mangos are not in season so, I have to by them frozen at the grocery store which was I think $1.99 for a bag of frozen pineapple and $3.99 for a bag of frozen mangos.  These are not large bags and contain 2.5-3 servings each. I think that is good for one or two meals. I used a little more than half of each bag for my smoothie with I think.75 liters of water. I think I added too much water because the smoothie doesn't taste as sweet as I would like it to.

Day 2: Ok so there was no fruit at the house I was staying at ,and I could not go to the grocery store, and I forgot my bananas. Really not starting the day off on a good note.. So at about 2:30-3 I made myself an Organic diary and gluten free burrito. It was actually really tasty!! It was beans and rice and about 240 calories.. Not Enough

With the Burrito I added healthier tortilla chips and salsa. Not sure about the raw factor there.. I could have easily smashed in 2 more of those burritos. I think for breakfast I had a salad. But I defiantly ate junk food that night because I was under carbed and super hungry. I did not et enough healthy calories in that day.. Which is why I resorted to junk food to try and fill me. Fortunately, I ate a moderate amount of junk food, but if I had more carbs throughout the day I would have been satisfied and not needed the extra junk. So learning that I need to be more prepared and eat a lot more healthy food throughout the day to stay carbed up. It really does give you a clearer mind or at least me when I do eat raw till 4. I am convinced all the chemicals from the unhealthy food clogs up your head making it hard for people to think... this is why Adderall is given out like "candy" because children's brains are all clouded and they are not able to concentrate for many reasons one being the chemicals, but there are many factors. The biggest one being pressure, from society, from home life, from school you name it kids are stressed out... they are made in society to not think for themselves, but to be more robotic and be able to read off so many facts or trained to test, test, test. What does that say about the world? A whole lot.. Raw Til 4 seems like a much easier solution for a child supposedly to be to active or not keep their attention for long. Focus on what the child is doing in life and see what is triggering this behavior before immediately putting them on drugs. Are they stressed in social situations, are they having anxiety going to school, are they getting enough sleep, are the active enough... These are all things to consider and change before doping up a child on drugs. They are like a sedative which may make the mind more robotic.... I am not a doctor or a person in the medical field, but I have read up on these things and noticed an increase in given children who are just full of energy and need a release such as, "playing outside." 
 Day 3:
So my brother bought me lunch and we split everything. We ordered from Jumbo Kitchen which is a Chinese restaurant and it was quite good.. This was not vegetarian or vegan although I did eat a lot of the vegetables in the chicken dish.

 Our Order:
6.  Fried or Boiled Vegetable Dumplings (8) $4.75

11.  Fried Wonton (12) $3.75  ( Not 100% Sure If This Is What We Ordered
C15.  Chicken Hunan StyleSpicy $7.85 Served with Roast Pork Fried Rice & Egg Roll
Ok so not terribly unhealthy, but not exactly raw till 4 friendly.. I know no one that is currently living this lifestyle so, sometimes I have to  compromise. The boiled vegetable dumplings that I was so excited for tasted horrible.. I did not like how much dough they used it didn't taste good to me at all. Right off my plans were ruined to mostly eat the vegetable dumplings. I had some chicken mostly vegetables, fried rice, half of an egg roll, and one fried wonton. I have to say the rest of the stuff tasted really good.. The sauces were on point.. The hunan chicken is an excellent choice if you are still eating meat because it is not fried it looks like it is  steamed . It is all served with a ton of veggies. the fried wontons are more a treat for yourself if you are getting them. I do not see them being healthy at all.

All together my experiment wasn't a complete bust you can still be raw till 4 and eat out one if you have the money and two if you pick the right thins off the menu. The burrito wasn't technically ordered from anywhere , but if you were going to Chipotle you would still be able to eat there if you just got beans and rice. I am a college student and as I explained I am still getting my businesses together. Once I establish a steady income I will be happy to do these kind of thins more often. I really wish they had a vegan pizza place near me. Because every time I watch the video of Freelee and Hurley eating out and I think the go to Gorillas Pizza it looks amazing.. This lifestyle isn't crazy expensive if you buy smart. You do not have to go out you can cook a lot for yourself. make a huge vegan soup and potato chippies and have at it... I do not think that meal would cost you more than $10-$15 which you can probably split into 2-3 meals throughout the week for yourself. Where do your priorities stand? Are you willing to put in the effort? I am about to find out... Wish my luck and send me some comments. I would love to hear from you all..

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