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My Ultimate Wish List Blogmas

Happy Holidays, Welcome to Blogmas, where I blog at the Christmas season. As you know we all have crazy fantasies of what we want for Christmas, most of which we will never get. I am going to show you a few of my all time Christmas wish list items that of course have never been placed on my Christmas list. I know you all have things that you want or want to do that are far fetched, never the less, I want to read about them in the comments. We can be in sugar plum dancing land together. Lets get started and here's to the first blogmas, may there be many more to come. My intro:
This video is the introduction to all my videos over the holiday season.
A song that has been stuck in my head for about 2 weeks and I haven't once tried to listen to it. I probably should, so it will leave my head!
My Crazy Outlandish Wish list:
(This wish list is not realistic at the moment, and I am just having fun dreaming. Please share your outlandish wish lists in the comments below).
1. This has been my number one for forever:
One piece of  an old fashion Louis Vuitton Luggage Trunk
2. Louis' also comes in second with their classic pumps:
I have no clue if I would be able to walk in them, but I just love the classic pump with the red-bottom. They seem to bring a certain sophistication to an outfit.
3. I would like an apartment, flat, or house:
An apartment with a fantastic view
So, I have always wanted a pool in my house to be able to swim whenever. I love to swim and when I was younger you couldn't get me out of the water. I haven't really been able to swim which stinks because, I love it so much. If I lived somewhere cold I would still be able to swim no matter what.
Ok so bare with me for a minute. I think my mom is the only one that knows that I have an obsession with beautiful and unique staircases. I get this feeling that I can't describe when I see them I guess, slightly amused and in awe. Spiral staircases are so rare to come by, and when you do, they are usually crafted to perfection. This is like a TMI and crazy wish list all in one.
This desire comes from many things so I will list them
1. Reading Nancy Drew Books
2. Watching Detective Shows ( Like Monk, Murder She Wrote, and Matlock) Ironically all start with the letter "M"
3. Watching The Secret Garden, The Wizard Of Oz, and The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe
4. Me liking to solve things or search for things
I love hidden rooms or places, I get so excited when they incorporate them into shows or movies. An no, I have not actually been in any room that had a hidden room (that I know of lol). This would make my day if I had secret places in my house.
Ever since Noah built this house for Allie, I have been in love with it! It is such a gorgeous house and has an old fashion feeling to it. The inside was incredible (although they were sets).
So funny that I picked the exact cabin that is on my vision board, but I did. This is the last real estate place on my list although I could go on for a few more, but I won't. I have always envisioned a cabin that my entire family would fit in so, we could all celebrate Christmas together. I can not see a more picturesque place to spend the holidays.
4. I strive to help people everyday although, I may not know I am helping someone I feel I am put in certain places for a reason. I hope to continue to help people and do everything in my power to give to people. A goal I have set for myself is to reach out a little more and help where I can. I would like to get more involved in volunteer work. That is a passion of mine to help others.
(This is not so far fetched there is only a small amount of time in a day so, it is a personal goal I have to work toward).
5. To win a shopping spree and go to stores I would normally not be able to shop in.
6. Speak many different languages ( I have always wanted to be able to communicate with everyone and learn another language).
7. Go on a crazy vacation filled with many adventures
8. Read a ton of books and not have to worry about anything else.
9. Learn a skill or just learn to learn, not be tested on it.
10. Have a career doing something I am deeply passionate about.
  •  YouTube Channel becoming a big success
  • Blog becoming a big success
  • Multiple business ventures becoming successful
11. To be satisfied and happy with choices I have made in my life. My motto since I think like 8th grade or high school as been, "No regrets." I continue to live my life with no regrets.
I hope you enjoyed some of my outlandish and pretty sensible wish list dreams. Don't forget to leave your ultimate wish list in the comments below. I can not wait to see what is on your ultimate wish list!!
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